Saturday, April 8, 2023

Ramadan Fervour

 The joy of Ramadan is surreal in my beautiful city, Hyderabad. Everything comes alive after 7😃. Once the fast is broken, it becomes hustling, bustling and vibrant. The day has its own charm. All the carts lined with fruits, and different types of veggies waiting patiently to be bought by others. Towards the evening it comes alive with a new vibrancy. The houses were a buzzing energy, each getting ready to break their fast with snacks. The dahi wada, fruits, juices, the pakodas, fruit chaat, sandwiches, spring rolls. Each one varies abd alternates it. After dinner or after iftar all the tea haunts are haunted till dawn😃😃. Hyderabad can be renamed as “The Chai City” too. The energy is pulsating. Haleem the most desired during Ramadan by people from every walk of life. Haleem unites all other than Chai. Hyderabad’s famous bangle market situated in the old city is like a beautiful bride decked in glittering hues. The street has all the bangle carts arranged in regular intervals. A lovely ritual I follow with my close friends every Ramadan. We shop for bangles till we drop for food , literally on the verge of fainting 😆😆. Buying our wears to adorn on Eid with our favourite outfits. The next thing which everyone dies is buying seviyan for the dessert made specially on Eid, called Sheer khurma. The shops boast of different kind of bangle sets. The food joints are roaring with energy. Kababs, Biryani and Haleem doing the rounds. Being summer, Lassi is also a cold special rather than a hot one😆. My beautiful city makes me forget my birth city Kuwait, which I miss a lot. The aura is surreal! Seeing is believing! Experiencing it, is even better!

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Aanya’s Fate

There was the sound of loud singing and dancing coming till the gates of Raichur Villa. The festivities were in full swing. The darling of the family was getting married. Aanya the youngest in four siblings was getting married to a boy from a very distinguished family. The haldi was to start in a day. The Pre- Wedding festivities were in full swing. The sangeet practice, the Dholki, so many functions lined up. Her aunts, uncles, cousins from all over the globe had come down for the wedding. There was so much joy in the air along with Love. 

Aanya looked beautiful in a lemon and cream Anarkali, adorning simple jewellery, she looked like a bride to be. Her glow was natural. The inner radiance of a person in love. She was ecstatic. She had met Mihir a year ago, the match was brought about by her aunt. It was a perfect one. The year had flown by, now it was time for her wedding. She was happy yet sad that she would leave her loving family. Not letting that thought sit, Aanya got busy. After that she had no time to think. There was a lot of singing, dancing, joyous moments.
The house was being decorated for the haldi tomorrow. 
The house was silent now. It was quiet. Tomorrow it would be bustling again. With this last thought Aanya fell into a deep slumber of peace. 

Would her peaceful slumber last long?
Find out in the sequel to follow.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

World Poetry Day

You taught me to smile😊
In the blossoming pink hues 
A new saga of life was written 

 Dania was lost in the tragedy of her life. The loss of her dear dad was too much for her to bear. All the seasons of life had been replaced only by the “Season of Sorrow”. Many seasons of “ Spring” had just gone by. She lost count. Lost so much in the world made by her. No space for anything. Then one beautiful spring. It all changed for her. 

They were celebrating world poetry day. She was asked to come and just listen. For once she felt excited. Looking forward to something after decades. As the evening passed, her sorrow grew less. After decades she was hearing her favourite erstwhile poets being read so beautifully. 

That night she truly smiled after ages. She felt invigorated. A small smile graced her lips. Her eyes got back a little shine. 

That night her diary was opened again after decades. Her first piece was an ode to “ Poetry”. 

There was no turning  back after that. The journey with poetry grew and blossomed just like the most exquisite spring.

Blooms and Blossoms calling to all!

Many found inspiration in her pieces. Many found the story of their misery being resounded. Some found a new motivation for their journey! 

Each had something to take home  from her heartfelt piece!

She owed it all to Poetry!

How could she not write a beautiful heartfelt piece of Gratitude for her dearest !

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Monday Motivation

 The joy of another beautiful day comes to greet you anew! 

The joy of being able to be up and about and breathe in the essence of a beautiful day!

Simply being alive! 

The most precious gift!

The most precious moment, is to be able to bask in it!

A child who could smile after being in the rubble for almost a day, is something which left me with a lasting impression. 

What a beautiful lesson!

Every dawn when you wake up to witness it, remember one more day has been leased to you in your journey of life!

What tomorrow brings , we know not!

Whether we see another tomorrow, we know not!

So what do you have, this beautiful moment, this day!

Make the most of it!

Have a blessed Monday and a beautiful week ahead!

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Bliss is with Coffee

 Those beautiful quiet moments on a relaxed Sunday morning is heavenly. I sit with my two favourites undisturbed. My coffee and my thoughts!

My third favourite is missed today, my yoga. I just love spending quality time with my two favourites. The first sip of coffee is beyond describable! As I sit penning my thoughts, it’s beyond perfect!

Just before I plunge into the chores, these few blissful moments take me to a new high!

Life is measured by these moments, where we truly love and live doing what we like the most!

Time is what is not promised in our journey of life!

So make the most of it!

Have a blessed Sunday folks!

Do not forget to smile!

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Just 45 Seconds

 Just 45 seconds it took to change their entire lives! 

A millionaire who lost his all!

A mother who lost her babies!

A child who lost his parents!

These are none but earthquake victims who lost their all.

Their houses, their lives, their loved ones, their belongings!

Left to relocate in their own country.

Just think 45 seconds ago they were planning their next day. Some one must be looking forward to celebrating their birthday. Some might be planning what to cook next day. Some children must be anxious about their class tests. Some just liking forward to the week ahead of the weekend. 

They had made plans just like you or me. Who knows what your life is going to be in a matter of seconds. This is the time to think! Let go of grievances, hurt, your misunderstandings!

Make each moment count. Do the best you can. You don’t know whether you’ll have the opportunity to do something again or no. 

Thinking of all the children who have been saved from the rubble. Lying on the debris! Miraculously alive!

A new life of uncertainty. Some have lost their parents. So have been displaced. Yet some have come out with smiles. 

The being held dearly that they will still be looked after. 

Learn to look after what you have been gifted. Your being, your soul, your spirit. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Dark Days

 It was a dark lonely night. Alone with her thoughts. She had thought it would be enough. What did she know loneliness would be as piercing as daggers. What would assuage her feeling of guilt? Always made to think she had done nothing right. What was right? What was wrong? Why was only that in question. For no fault of hers too, she had been left to bleed till she was dry. The emotional wounds, the bleeding scars, so much to camouflage. 

The stormy night of emotional turmoil, gave her a new strength. She closed her eyes and thought of the inner child which needed healing. Her soft deep breaths were a balm. She learnt that night, she had the power to make mistakes. That’s what had made her human. The soft words of the book were a balm. The journal which lay open had a will of their own. The saga of hurt unfolded. She had never felt lighter. The storm grew quiet. There was a sparkling newness in dawn. Had she also been gifted a new dawn? She smiled as she liked up at the rays of dawn. So beautifully clean and new everything looked around her. 

She had conquered the darkness! 

There would only ne light around her. 

Kia had survived the war! 

War of darkness had finally ben won by the spirit of light!

Light had wiped the darkness clear! 

Kia had finally learnt, she would never let darkness rule over her again. 

She had come to err. 

She would Err and learn to accept her flaws!

Red Stilettos

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