Saturday, December 31, 2022

End of the year

 So much left unsaid,

So many lost,

I bid farewell to thee,

I know not which whole of mine,

The broken of mine!

Some emotions withered forever,

Some hoping to blossom,

The year gone by,

I sign it with  gratitude,


Shall be shall be!

The year gone by was a mixed bag of emotions. I know not what I want to hold tight and what I want to let go. I am glad for all the beautiful moments I spent in the company of family and friends. There were some sorrowed moments when I lost my few dear ones. Is not life meant to have a dash of sadness as well? 

I hate to sound cliché but life does have  multiple sides to it, not just 2. Life came with different facades. Which was the truest one?

Which kept you going? So many things to be grateful for, so many  things signed with the ink of gratitude 🙏. 

Joy is flighty, love is mostly unreliable, untrusting, mostly breakable.

Love for yourself is something which will always be special and stay the longest!

Love yourself is the motto to better living!

Weave your being with threads of kindness, humility, compassion and gratitude 🙏.

Let go of what does not serve your purpose anymore. 

Keep the soul blossoming! 

Keep your being nourished with self love!

Friday, December 16, 2022

Reliving the Moment

 It was such an eventful day. Slightly exhausting. The feeling of exhilaration was so energising. They came back after the shopping. All went on to freshen up before dinner. This was the night they usually decorated the Christmas tree together. Kia came and fell into a deep slumber. She woke up with a start. She ran a hot bath. Soaked her tired limbs, tired spirit. Hoping to r come out rejuvenated. After sometime she came out of her bath. Started getting dressed for the evening ahead. It had been decades since all of them had gathered. It felt so good to be back together. The time seed of delight which had been dead for awhile started growing again. 

She got dressed in a beautiful peach knit dress. It lovingly caressed her each curve. Her complexion looked radiant. Her dewy face spoke of joy. She wore tiny diamond Pearl ear rings. A gift from her dear grandma . She came down to excited chatter and laughter. Truly the house had come alive. 

She stood at the last rail looking at the joyous scene. So wishing her dear dad was one amongst them. This was the first time she came after her father’s unexpected demise. Life always readily took from her. So often forgetting to replace what was taken from her.

Today she would just live the moment. It was an enjoyable evening. After dinner they all sat around the Christmas tree. Decorations were under way. 

Midnight ritual of hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies were again relived. Thanks to her dear grandma. 

It was 2 AM when they finally went to sleep. Tomorrow was the engagement. The wedding festivities to begin. 

Lots of excitement in store in the coming week for Kia. 

Stay tuned!

Do you think kia will finally find the love of her life?

Want to know more?

Watch this space for more excitement to unfold!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Treasured Moments

December the month where endings are written. Sometimes prologue to new aspirations, hopes and new beginnings. It has its own magic. The stardust of joy.
The month where joy looks beautiful. Festivity rules.
Yet remember that there are hearts which are still broken. Some are mourning the loss of their loved ones. Some are going through their own trials and tribulations. Be kind. Be sensitive. Do not forget to be there for these broken souls. Some might be battling an illness. If you are feeling rested pass the calmness to others.

Hope for the best. Treasure what was given to you. What was taken away also had a reason. Love the ones who stayed with you. Bade farewell to the ones who have left you. Value, cherish and treasure each. The moments you lived, the memories you have made. Keep them close.

Be thankful at all times. 
Have a blessed month ahead. Hope for the best in the coming year. 

Monday, December 12, 2022

Secret Santa List

 Dear Santa 

So many wishes,

So many hopes,

So many dreams 

Each wants to see come true!

My greatest wish is to have a continuous supply of my favourite chocolates mind you sans calories 😝😝. Winter cozy evenings by the fireplace reading my favourite best sellers with endless supply of cappuccino and freshly baked cookies. Travelling through the length and breath of the world. Hoping to see a lot of joy all around. Hoping to see a more healthier me in 2022. Hoping  to have my published book of poetry doing the rounds. More lives, more poetry and definitely more yoga 🧘‍♀️. The peace and  calm after every session is priceless. 

Practice more gratitude 🙏.

Immensely grateful for all you have bestowed almighty.

Let the countdown begin for the new year!

Let’s make the last few weeks of 2021 memorable!

Spread joy and love!

Smile 😊!

Stay positive!

Believe that the best is yet to come.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Life after coffee

 Kia woke up to a beautiful morning. The snowflakes fell lovingly down at her windowpane. Waking her up softly. It had been ages since Kia woke up feeling so refreshed and relaxed. No rushing to work. Lounging in lazily in bed.

She turned and looked out at the sparkling landscape. Pristine and white! She could see snowman’s, colourful wreaths all decorating the doors!

The evening would look beautiful. The spirit of Christmas was in the air. Just then there was a soft knock on the door. She heard Maria’s sing song voice. Her grandparents care taker. She ran the house meticulously. She was the one who took care of her the most when she was a child. It was so lovely to see Maria’s smiling face in the morning. She came with her breakfast and her coffee. Just the way she liked it. Strong, slightly bitter. The right mix to wake her up and get her going.

Maria told her that her grandparents were waiting to see her. Kia quickly jumped into the shower. Got ready in a beautiful soft blue warm sweater and jeans. It felt so good to just be able to lounge around wearing her favourite clothes.

She went down humming to herself. The whole brigade was already there. The noisy chatter, the laughter , giggles, it felt so festive already. 

The stockings had to be organised. The Christmas tree stood tall and strong, looking resplendent, just as it always had. 

She turned and looked back at the happiness embracing her. How she wished her father’s smiling face would also be amongst them.

She turned and looked out at the landscape. So restive and peaceful. 

It lasted all of 5 minutes. She was dragged by her cousins to accompany them for Christmas shopping. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Reflections I see and smile

 She sat by the cozy hearth and reflected on the bygones. Her warm coffee mug, her best solace during winter. So many had left her in her journey. She knew not now what is truly left. What is taken away? 

She sat reflecting of all that she had lost. Today she still sat with a warm cozy heart thanking the creator. She was immensely grateful to him for blessing her with the most prized gift of all, her writing. 

He never said the journey might be easy, What he had promised was of being with her always. That the creator always did.

Kia believed that there would always be a beautiful smiling dawn awaiting for her, and it did.

Her journey so far had been tiring. She had come to her ancestral family home. They had all gathered for the grand celebration of her grandfather’s 90 th Birthday. 

Lots of celebrations lined up. Her cousin’s engagement and her youngest brother’s wedding. 

She sat in her favourite place, the den reliving the past. 

Times like this when she had sat with her dad. Laughing, playing or just reading.

Today the quiet evening once more reminded her of him.

Life had just gone by. She had tossed herself in work.

Forgetting herself. Today she just wanted the quiet and solace of this beautiful place. 

Thursday, December 1, 2022

December Vibes

 My favourite month and time of the year. I enjoy being embraced by the winter aura. This time brings a lot of memories of my childhood and my school. 

I loved being able to enjoy the Christmasy feel in my school. It was such a wonderful time of the year. Our whole school was decorated in the spirit of Christmas 🎄. The month long practice of the Christmas celebration kept us in our toes and our brings joyous. 

Choir practice, play practice and so many more events. A week long celebration in school ended with our winter break. 

I miss the spirit of it every single time. 

Trying to recreate it in my own little way. Singing Christmas carols with my students. Planning a Christmas party, secret Santa . The fun of December and the spirit of celebration is all around in leaps and bounds.

Time to meet your friends, attend weddings, let the bygones be bygones. 

Time to welcome the new year in all its spirit!

Truly joy to the world! 

Just love the aura of this beautiful month. White Christmas calls for the celebration of the spirit of red and green in all its festivity!

Time to bake cakes, put up the stocking for the gifts 🎁 to be received by nature! 

Let us gear up for the joyousness of this beautiful month.

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