Saturday, September 3, 2022

Sensual September


Coffee under the Birches

 The fragrance of freshly brewing coffee, it’s priceless. Ask a coffee lover and they’ll be swooning . Arezouh loved going to her gran’s place . Her week was usually packed with work. Weekends was where she wanted some quiet moments amidst nature . 

What better place to be but her gran’s beautiful cottage and her gorgeous garden. Her grandparents were the most loving souls. Her gran would make all her favourites. A pro in baking . She just loved the ambience , the aromas wafting out of her sunny lit kitchen. 

These were the simple joys she looked forward to. They were truly priceless. Her specially home made skin cream would be massaged into her face. She would oil her hair lovingly and get nostalgic. 

Life had taught Arezouh a lot of lessons. Her name in Persian met “ Desire”. So many desires yet to be realised . So many hopes, some left unrealised, some buried long ago.

This was where she found true peace. She sat by the garden porch looking at the lush green expanse with bordered colours of positivity in the form of rose buds smiling lovingly at her.

How much had been taken away from her. She had lost her dear dad. Life had felt so colourless then, so devoid of joy! Some loving souls had eased the pain, erased the misery.

Would love also do the same, she wondered quite often!
Guarding her heart like a pitchfork!
She had seen many of her friends torn in love.
Could love ever be truthful and honest ? Wondered she!

Her grandparents were watching her from afar. Dearly wishing that love would conquer it all.

Just then there was a knock at their door.

Had love knocked? 
Had the universe listened to their heartfelt prayer!
Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Hello Beautiful September

 September does hold a dear place in my life and heart. Of course! It has to be. My birthday month. I opened my eyes for the first time on 1st  September at the crack of Dawn. 

September ,I always feel is a turn in the season. The road which curves towards better. In some countries called “ Fall”. I always feel it has a deeper meaning in itself there.

The falling of the old,

The drop of the yester,

The joyous beginning of today,

The “ Now” beautifully scented 

in smells of pine!

September the turn of the new leaf 🍁. It also teaches you how each comes with a shelf life. Nature teaches us so beautifully. Time to let go of the past , look forward to the future. 

There’s something beautiful always kept for you. Nature, universe , they all listen, so wish for what your heart desires.

I love September for its beauty,

Because I was brought into the world😄😄.

It makes fall also a learning in our lives!

Do not fear the fall,

For thou shall learn in being humbled!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

May the rusts and the burnished hues, colour your thoughts in a beautiful golden warmth of positivity!

Books do heal

 This beautiful magical array of books, believe me are truly magical m. Each one of them helps you delve in deeper without leaving you unattended to. They heal you, make you question your insecurities. Yet do not leave you lost. So many questions which have been unanswered in our journey, which we never seem to find solutions to, here you find some solution to it.

The Magic is truly magical. Leaving you in a spell of self discovery.

Let the power be with you teaches you the significance of truly living in the now.

Louis Hay teaches you how to let go , otherwise your body is bearing the repercussions. The eroding slowly leaving a destructive trail of dreaded diseases and illnesses. The psychosomatic truly how it plays havoc.

The affirmations which you need to hear and say it to your beautiful being, so beautifully listed out and made easy.

I learnt the power of manifestation, that the universe truly does listen to you.

Definite must reads.
I do hope they help you the way they did to me.

Happy heartfelt reading!
Keep the faith on,
Do not forget your smile!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Yesterday comes back

 Keira slowly looked up. Wishing dearly that it was not true. This was not Azar.the recognition stated out loud and clear. The intense gaze which she had always loved, staring again at her. It had been almost 2 decades. The longing humming again in every nerve of her being. Destiny you cannot be so callous, she called out. Azar was accompanied with two other friends. Unknown to her. Once the introductions were in order . She came to know one of them had also come down for the conference. Incidentally Azar was heading it tomorrow. How she wished she could sleep in late tomorrow morning and miss it. Wish she was back in school where she could use the age old excuse of being unwell.

The evening passed pleasantly enough. It was time to draw it to a close. She was dropped back by her friends. Making plans for the next evening. 

Keira got into bed tired. Sleep was nowhere close. That evening came to haunt her again. How her live had changed. How she had matured over night. The responsibility immense. The tears came back . Flooding her being. Unleashing the dam of memories which she had held for long. 

Finally she slept in a restless fervour. Suddenly woken up by the loud alarm. She woke up with a nagging headache. God! Not today.

She went in for a cold shower. To awaken her senses. After gulping down two strong cups of coffee, her headache was a little better. She popped her headache pill too, just in case.

Dressed immaculately in fawn . She looked crisp and business like. 

Today she had to take a little longer with her make up to camouflage the dark circles.

She was just in time for the conference. Seated next to a distinguished looking person. 

Azar walked in just then. Her breath stopped. He looked 

“ Drop Dead Handsome”. Wearing a steel grey suit which fitted him to perfection. So business like. 

Be definitely had an aura around him now. Soon the conference was under way.

It was a long day. Keira was exhausted. She just wanted to sleep. 

Just then she remembered, she was meeting her friends. She wanted to go to a chilled out place. Hardly in the mood today. 

She came back. Slept for an hour. Soaked herself in the hot water with her favourite scents. 

Dressed casually in jeans and a bohemian shirt kaftan top. She looked relaxed . Her hair wind blown.

She actually did feel better. Seeing her friends her tiredness all vanished.

It was a beautiful evening and a gorgeous place. 

As they were reminiscing about their school days, they heard a familiar voice wishing them.

Ohh God! Not here again.

It was Azar and his friends.

Luckily this time they were more of them. So they didn’t join them.

Keira was suddenly very sleepy and tired after dinner. Hardly able to keep her eyes open.

Just as they were leaving.

Azar got up and came to her. He took Keira aside and said “ Please call me “. Quickly sharing his number he bade them goodbye.

Keira was still not ready.

She fell asleep.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Do not wait to be kind

 The power of kindness is immense. The true value is never truly understood by the giver. The receiver knows what it does. Never hesitate to speak a kind word, bless people with your beautiful Sunny smile. Your shining positivity, a gentle reminder to someone that there’s still hope. Your heartfelt compliment. That long hug when someone needs it badly. The wiping away of tears on a tear stricken face, misery ridden soul. The power of the moment of true kindness is priceless. 

Every person at some point does need it. Who does not want to hear a sincere kind word spoken to them? Who does not want a kind soul by their side, when they are in the throes of grief. Believe me! That kind gesture of yours will never be forgiven till that person’s last breath. Your kindness shall always be remembered! 

There is no heart which has not been scarred,

No eye which has remain dry eyed,

No being which has not been turmoiled,


Grief has touched each!

So make your presence felt and known for its kindness!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Have a beautiful day ahead!

Keep the faith!

Keep the candle of kindness burning bright!

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

I love you yesterday


She stood at the window of present! Watching the shadows of yesterday playing again at the window pane. The tests which she had held at pay, silently trickling of their own accord. She saw her younger self laughing uninhibitedly. Laughing uncontrollably, tossing her hair in a careless shrug. Her shoulders not stooped by the weight of present troubles. Where had the joy gone?

Keira  wondered! How happy her youth and childhood had been. The day the sunshine of her life had ceased to breathe. A part of her had died too. She never got it back. Today she just stood wondering, what more world life want from her. Her father had died. Given the responsibility of running the household, the business, looking after everyone. Today Keira stood alone watching the beautiful sunset from her hotel window in Switzerland. Her conference had gone well. She was meeting her old school friends for dinner. She thought of resting a while. Suddenly exhausted beyond words. Keira took a long nap. Woke up refreshed and excited. She quickly got dressed. It was a beautiful, balmy evening. Her friends were going to pick up and take her to a place where there was a fair going on. A beautiful restaurant adjoining that was booked for the dinner after the fair. 

Keira wore a beautiful peach flowy  dress . Her feet adorned in golden flats. She wore her favourite hoops. Her make up subtle. Her hair wind blown. After ages there was a relaxed air about her. 

She had just came down to the lobby, when she heard her name being called out excitedly. Saira and Ferya were here. She was hugged at once by  both of them. 

So excited to see a part of her yesterday. An important part. She was so happy . Suddenly all the cares of the world did not exist anymore. 

The fair was beautiful. Keira picked up some Turkish bowls. She found a pretty pair of ear rings. It was fun. 

Her appetite was built. She was ready to tuck into dinner. 

Just as she was sipping her mocktail. She heard a familiar deep voice speaking from right behind her. Everything stilled in her. It could not be . After so many ears . No way!

Unfortunately it was!

She slowly turned and was looking into the grey gaze. The one which had rested on her lovingly, once upon a time. 

Not again!

Reflections I see and smile

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