Friday, April 22, 2022

You Matter

 The joy of a girl being born is immense. She’s the pride of her father. The joy of her mother. A favourite of her brothers. A friend and confidante for her sisters. She goes through immense phases in her life. 

Ask the parents the biggest fear. It is what would happen in her next lap of journey. After she is betrothed, married. How many dreams and aspirations the parents weave. So many joyous thoughts they spin throughout her growing up. What happens when its not what they had aspired?

She is a breathing human. Born free. Does she not have a right to break away from the bond, if it mars  her being. Is the ultimate destination of a girl child  just to be married? Time and again I come across cases of girls and women being Ill treated. Yet they still want her to continue. How many are brave enough to stand up for themselves? Is the tag of being married more important or her happiness is paramount.

Why do we not make the girls self reliant, brave, courageous, independent and confident? Are these not important?

If their self respect and self esteem are being manhandled, what next they should be doing? Are these not more important. 

Teach her to hold her head high as she walks the path of life. Teach her not to be dependent on anyone. Teach her its okay to be different, imperfect and flawed. We are all humans . Not some perfect robots who are expected to know everything. Its okay to err. Erring is Human.

Why is a girl expected to donn  multiple roles perfectly? Does she not have a right to be the way she is? 

What is a girl’s ultimate destination? 

To be married and after that nothing more.

Make your daughters happy. Teach them the power of being happy. We are all given one life. Just one lifetime. 

Neither are we born with instruction manuals on how to keep performing exceptionally well. 

Its fine! Its okay to make mistakes. 

Teach her to value herself. Teach her the importance of living herself. Teach her to value her inner being.

A confident, resilient woman will chalk out her own path. 

Educate her. Stand for your daughters. Let not any injustice meet them.

The more faith the woman has in herself, the more battles, she will be able to win.

To all the powerful women and strong mothers. Do not teach your daughters to sacrifice all the time. Do not teach them its okay to be mistreated. It is not okay.

By staying quiet in the face of injustice, you are equally to be blamed. You are as guilty as them. 

Do not teach them to be a victim. Being victimised is not being good. Its being unfair to yourselves.

Teach them that at all times you stand with them. Do not make them feel alone and bereft.

Make them feel loved , appreciated and wanted all the time. 

Do not shun them when they come to you with their problems. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Drop It

 It’s High Time! Yes! It’s now or never.

Drop it altogether!

You might be wondering about my opening lines. It is something to ponder about. 

15 things women should stop wearing after 30.

1) The look of sadness.

2) The frown which ages you.

3) The rivulets of tears.

4) Feeling of being undermined.

5) The tag of comparison.

6) The template of “you are not worthy”

7) The neck piece of “ Low self esteem”

8) The baggy apparel of low self appreciation.

9) The flat footwear of no drive to move forward.

10) The make up of “ Age”

11) Dress of the old.

12) The Badge of “ I am not good enough”

13) The weight of other people’s expectations and judgements.

14) The handbag of disdain brought about by others.

15) The cuff of misery adorning  your clenched palms.

Reveal your true being. Bring it out from where you have left her buried beneath the conditioning. Let her breathe freely. Rejoice in her truest hue. 

One thing which I have learnt and believe in. Which I would like to share it today . Something which keeps me going. A sort of mantra. 

“ The ones who love you will love you till the last breath, will accept you, just as you are”

Whereas the ones who could not love you will never be able to . Even if you become the best version of yourself. 

Mind you. You are the best !

You are unique!

You are one in a million.

You are the gift of God.

For some you will be “ Once in a lifetime”

For others “ You will never be enough in this lifetime”

Have a blessed day lovelies!

Wear your smile and your positive attitude, at all times.

Described Differently

 I was asked to describe love without using the word. This was my take on it.

The power of being attuned to the soul calling in other. Starting your day in meditative silence thinking of your soul mate. No matter where they are, feeling them the closest. Your unspoken answered in their spoken. You feel it, they sense it. You cry, they weep too in answer to your sorrow. Your being radiates joy just being close to them. You long and yearn only for them. Every desire of your heart is answered in “Earnest” by them. The true undulating joy seen in their eyes when they see you after a long time. Time stands still. You want to be lost in that moment, captive forever. Forever feels shorter. Eternal is what they try understanding. Lost in the world made just by them. The heartbeats in sync with each other. The calling of their joining understood by none. They sync in tandem to only their heartfelt tune of their souls. How beautifully they live it! How artistically they weave it into their fabric of their existence! The power of untold, unspoken understood rightly by their hearts, souls and spirit! Rest is still a mystery. Alluring and Enticing for Mankind.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

List of Simple Joys in Life

 The first thing we need to do is get out of the comparison trap. It’s definitely a killer. It just makes you more dissatisfied and leaves you feeling more dejected.

When you make your own special list, it helps you in changing the perspective. Earlier where you were leaving gratitude, now you would be grateful more than ever.

In the journey of life, its very difficult to remember each and every thing. Unfortunately in the nitty gritty of  life only what lacks stares out at you balefully. 

Maintains gratitude journal. Start penning your list. See how it changes your perspective. It will mostly leave you with a smile at the end of it. 

How to notice the simple joys in life. You need to catch your breath. Take a moment or two. Slow down. Introspect. Take out sometime to reflect. When you wake up or when you are just closing for the day. My favourite moment is usually early morning, right after dawn. When the world is still slumberous. I enjoy the quiet and the solitude. Usually I’m amidst nature. Either sitting and gazing or walking in their midst. It’s a great time to think. I get a lot of my answers then.

This practice helps you to change your negative outlook to a positive one.

Let’s start with the list. You could probably come up with one of yours.

1)Listening to rain hit the roof.

2) The first spell of rain after a scorching summer.

3) Going for a late night drive when it’s drizzling and stopping for ice-cream

4) An expected act of kindness.

5) Receiving a loving text, when you least expect it.

6) A surprise planned by your friends.

7) Looking at a breathtaking Sunset.

8) Receiving a compliment.

9) The sound of birds chirping.

10) The smell of Roses.

11) A perfect cold Coffee.

12) Going and having your favourite dessert on an impulse.

13) Going on a long drive with your favourite music playing.

14) Reading a new book.

15) Laughing hard with your friends.

16) A day at the spa.

17) Reading your favourite book.

18) Finding the exact item your were looking for on sale.

19) A song or fragrance that brings back old memories.

20) A nature walk

21) The smell of freshly baked muffins.

22) Friends who become family.

23) Practicing yoga 🧘‍♀️.

24) Meeting someone who immediately gets you.

25) Running into an old friend after decades.

26) Reunions.

27) Planning a vacation.

28) Trying a new recipe which turns out great.

29) A fire in the fireplace.

30) A good night of sleep.

31) The smell of your favourite candle.

32) Relaxing at the beach with those you love most.

33) Playing with the children in the rain.

34) Doing something thoughtful for someone.

35) Singing along to your favourite song.

36) Carrying on your favourite childhood traditions with your cousins.

37) Late nights with your cousins, creating a riot.

38) Singing along to your favourite song in the shower.

39) Your favourite soft cozy blanket.

40) The sound of waves at night.

41) A great mug of coffee.

42) A new notebook.

43) Trying out a new fun restaurant.

44)  Trying out a new recipe.

45) Accomplishing a goal.

46) Enrolling for a short fun workshop.

47) Reading a quote that resonates with you.

48) Doing a beauty regime at home.

49) Buying your favourite shade of lipstick.

50) Decorating your table with your favourite table linen and a vase of fresh flowers.

51) Unexpectedly receiving a bouquet.

52) Having dinner on a roof top restaurant under the canopy of stars.

So much to be grateful for in the long run. 

Every little thing is a blessing 😊

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Choose wisely

 The power of believing!

Seeing it being manifested is for real! It’s happened countless times. The universe does hear your thoughts. What would you like it to hear? Think deeply before you give in to negative thoughts. Chaotic emotional tirade is what you would like to present the universe! Then what gifts 🎁 do you expect the universe will bestow.


In the most trying times, I have experienced the power of my wishes coming true. Manifested to the best!

Someone is definitely listening. Sometimes our mind and heart is at a conflict. What do you then? Who do you listen to! Definitely to the one belting out positive numbers! The orchestra of life, make it worthwhile, soulful. At times when we are tormented, it’s the toughest. That’s when the strength of your inner r self comes to the forefront. Dig in to the reserves of resilience being held there protectively. You will be surprised to find vestiges of power. Hope another dear friend who always smiles and stays by your side. Lighting your dark sky with twinkling stars. There yet not there. When you need it, just a stone’s throw away.

Many a times during meditation, I have seen the power of it. It has amazed me. Left me spell bound. I always believed the universe holds you in its space. Then does not the universe deserves to be held in your positive thoughts. 

The power of wishful thinking is for real. Start believing and practising!

See the magic of it!

Have a blessed day ahead 😊

Please kindly take a minute to hold everyone in your thoughts and prayers. The ones who are battling in war torn regions, the ones being hit by the fury of nature and the ones who are battling their inner demons!

Saturday, April 2, 2022



Ramadan has always been my favourite month. The power of the divine felt greatly in this blessed month. Incidentally my birth month too from the urdu calendar. This month it is even more special because last year I did get a second chance at life in this blessed month. I was battling for my life. Almost lost my life. The divine kept me safe . I was born again. In the literal sense! 

This month has always made me realise deeply the power of being thankful. How blessed we are truly. The essence of true gratitude 🙏. The spirit of compassion. The satisfaction of sharing and giving. Each brought home more in this beautiful month. 

What always leave me a little saddened are the orphans, the children from the war torn regions. The ones who are still fasting and not sure of their next meal. Yet their faith in the almighty, so resolute and unshakable. 

O’ Almighty. Today I just ask you to take care of all those little ones around the world, who have lost their parents to war or covid. The ones who are heart broken, laden in despair, adorned in sorrow. 

Spread your light of cheer. Place smiles instead of tears. Make each heart illuminated.

Wishing Ramadan Kareem to all!

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