Sunday, March 7, 2021

Lyra Mellowed!

 Niklos and Lyra rushed to the main house. Her grandfather did look tired . Suddenly very old and feeble . Lyra loved him a lot. After her father’s death, he had been her strength and force. She quietly started weeping. 

Niklos quietly came and laid a hand on her shoulder. Quietly comforting her. After sometime, when he looked a little better. They left and went to their villas. Her cousins were planning to just meet and just keep a watch on her gramps.

They were gathering at the main house. Lyra came and went for a swim. The water always managed to soothe her. She remained in it for sometime. Then quickly went in to change.

She wore a floral mint green flowy dress. It was particularly hot  tonight. Keeping her make up light. Just wearing tiny Pearl drops, she was ready.

Her mother had gone to meet one of her close friends. As she came out, Niklos was waiting for her. He brought her a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers. Lyra felt very touched . She had tears in her eyes.

Niklos took her quietly in his arms . Let her rest a while.

They walked quietly to the main house in companionable silence.

Will Lyra melt?

Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Era of Plans!!

 I loved this when I read it . Instantly! It spoke of all I would always think of . Ironically! I never made back up plans!! I would always wonder! Is it good or bad! Always a nagging voice would snigger at me. You never have an emergency, back up plan .

The other day, when I came across this , I was relieved. For once that voice was wrong. It always boasted of being right.

I would always aim to make my Plan A, the best. Well! We are all humans so we might” ERR.”

It’s perfectly fine to “ ERR”.

The phobia attached with committing mistakes is what actually in turn stifles our growth. Just go with the flow.

What will happen? You will Re-Do it.

Do not always associate everything with perfection. At all times! 

Let the human in you feel like a human!

Enjoy the Ride!

We are here for a limited time.

Just smile and sail through 😊

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Automated Responses!

 The Era of automated response!

Alas! Thought Arzu! From the banks, to the telephone companies, tele marketing!

God where are those sweet pleasant voices!

The era of Robotics!

Presented Proudly!

Arzu thought to herself as she was getting ready for work!

My beautiful day starts with automated responses from my dear family!

By repeatedly asking, what has to be cooked. I get a half hearted irritated response!

Hubby is busy as usual. When he’s home he’s glued to his laptop and the constant blocking of his hearing by the dreaded ear phones!

It’s fine ! Thought Arzu!

As long as I’m at least given the animated response properly!

Only her dear Vimla bai was someone , she could pour her heart too.

Both holding a conference, deciding the most important topic of the day” What has to be cooked”?

Then Arzu would leave for work.

In the evening the battle would begin at the table.

“ Mummy! Why did you cook “ Bhendi”!

“ I hate it!

Comes one wail!

The second starts from the other end.

“ I hate this curry”

Please make note! This was after being asked repeatedly!

Then my husband very quietly gives his valued opinion”!” 

“ Aaj Namak dalna bhool gaye”!

What a grand finale!

After all this !

I quietly take myself out for a dessert date!

I need a sugar, caffeine , chocolate fix”

The age of automated responses!

Stay tuned for more!!


Childhood Beckons!


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Reward Yourself!

 Reward yourself often!

It’s paramount!

Buy that make-up!

Dress in that dress you have been longing to get for yourself!

Walk around in those stilettos 👠 proudly around!

Smile for no reason!

Do all this!

And more!

Dare and bare your soul!

Wear that exotic perfume!

Meet your gal gang and laugh it aloud!

Stop saving up for special occasions!

You are alive!


That’s special

 You are a woman!

Wowww! That’s even more special!

So something special? Does it not call for celebration!

Go live it up!

Celebrate being a woman!

Each moment!

Musings of the Solitary


Monday, March 1, 2021

of the Phoenix

 Ode to womanhood! 

Every single Moment!

Every single day!

Every single Era!

Every single Decade!

Red Stilettos

 Red stilettos was the order of the day! It was a night to celebrate with her friends who she had not met in years! The big school friends r...