Sunday, January 31, 2021

Dawn of Positivity!


Dawned a bit cloudy! Yet beautiful!

It’s truly a beautiful morning. Serene and calm.


Hopefully a beautiful start to the week!

Let’s keep our faith and spirits together!

“ Joy to all”!

Let’s affirm together! I started my day with beautiful, positive affirmations in my yoga class!

I feel a lot of positivity already enveloping me!!

Have a lovely morning!! 

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Mountain Sojourn

 Lyra woke up in a lazy mood. She just wanted the day to unfold any which way it liked. She sat on her deck , basking in the morning sunlight. She was lost in her thoughts enjoying the quiet morning and her coffee. She didn’t go for her morning run. She felt her body screaming for a break . She indulged it. 

Just then her phone rang . It was Nikos. She answered on the fourth ring. 

He said in a deep husky voice” Good Morning Carino”!

It was the name , he used for her. Suddenly a lot of memories came back , taking her in its tide.

She answered back “ Good Morning “!

“ Get ready! We are going to our favourite mountain shack for lunch! On the way back we’ll drop in and meet Mama Ores!!

Instantly a beaming smile , decorated Lyra’s face. She was their nanny , who they both loved dearly!

The mountain shack owned by  Alexoes , was their favourite place. 

Lyra got dressed in her comfortable slacks and a baby pink loose shirt. She sported her sneakers and cap. Shielding her eyes with her sunglasses. 

She was excited.

The drive was beautiful. Niklos , was the perfect companion and friend . They both discussed their work , so much catching up to do.

The food was delicious and excellent as ever. They lazed around coffee. 

Then paid a visit to their favourite person. She was so happy to see them together. Wishing in her hearts of hearts to see them joined eternally together!!

The day was beautiful. Lyra had not relaxed , like this, in a long time. Over the years, she had worked herself as a robot. Taking all the responsibilities on her young shoulders! She thought to herself. She should start listening to herself!

Nikos tapped her playfully on her shoulder and said” Penny for your thoughts”

She turned back and gave a genuine smile . “ Thank you Niklos” !

After a long time! I have relaxed like this!

Niklos took her to a beautiful filgiree, quaint little gold shop tucked in the mountainside.

Lyra fell in love with a beautiful circlet ring of flowers. Made by beaten gold.

Niklos insisted and bought for her.

Lyra was reluctant to take it from him. But Niklos insisted.

Finally they reached around 6. 

They had some time to rest , before dinner.

Niklos hugged her and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Till we meet again”!!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Basket Of Flowers

 Imagine! Waking up! Opening your door and finding a beautiful basket of blossoming buds by your door! Wishing you the best for the day ahead! What a joyous and fragrant sight it would be! Indeed!

Of course for me! It would have to be my steaming, piping hot mug of coffee ☕️ 😬😬😀too. Without which I’m totally lost!

Just envisage blessings in the form of a beautiful basket left by the creator for you! Just you! Each Morning!

What would you do with it?

Would you let the word of yesterday take up too much of today!

Will you make a beautiful start to a fresh new day!!


Good Morning beautiful souls!!

Have a fragrant day Ahead!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Lyra’s Dinner Interlude

 Lyra had a beautiful day. After a long time she had felt free. Light hearted and light spirited! Could it be, because if Nikos? Whispered her naughty , treacherous heart ❤️ 😉 winking! Lyra settled her mother and went to take a short nap. She woke up refreshed . She had to get ready for the dinner. She had decided to wear a Peachy Pink floaty, dress ! Keeping in mind the humidity! It was stifling at times! 

She took a long soak in her tub. Relaxing with her soft , favourite music. She came out in time to get her mother ready . She sent her with her cousin to the main house! 

She went to get ready. She did her make up carefully . She was sporting a nice tan already . Lending it’s golden , burnished hue to her glowing skin. She wore dainty Pearl drops , chain and bracelet to complete the outfit. It matched well with her lace trimming on her dress.

Just as she was taking her bag. The doorbell rang!

She went to answer it. It was Nikos! Looking breath takingly handsome in his tuxedo!!

He stood with a bouquet of orchids. He knew they were her favourite. She instantly smiled. “ I take it! It’s a friendly gesture! Nothing more to it ! Right!

Nikos answered “ Yes! Maybe just to show my appreciation for the truce between us”!

She smiled and went to put it in her favourite crystal vase!

Just as she was turning to go. Nikos halted her. He asked her” May I”?

She looked baffled!

He plucked an orchid and tucked it neher ear.

She looked more beautiful. The sensation of his fingers on her ear  , sent a jolt through her.

They walked in companionable silence to the main house.

The dinner guests were all in a jovial mood. The band was belting out beautiful numbers!

Nikos and Lyra danced on quite a few together.

The night went on in full gaiety!

Her grandfather was watching Lyra and Nikos closely!

Laughing to himself!


 Every Morning!

Wake up with this belief , that the day is going to bring joy and positivity! After that envisage it and send it out into the universe. The universe will smile along with you and make it happen!

The power of believing!

Good Morning beautiful souls!!!

Stay blessed😊

Friday, January 22, 2021

The day my life changed!

 It was a bright sunny day. Alas! Who knew for me, it would bring a harrowing sadness and darken my life for few years . This day , I lost my dad , 36 years ago.

He left just like any other day but never returned. My life also never felt the same. A deep void , a chasm which still remains open. Life did go on . In the requisite of life’s check list , all were ticked. But somewhere that emptiness of his still stays empty . We miss him dearly, every single moment. Yet! Life goes on . 

Yes life does go on. That’s how the creator wants us to be. But deep down, you always feel the miss.

Today I remember him again fondly. His memories stay with us and take us ahead in our journey.

I know you watch over me😊. 

A heavenly star in the sky of the creator. My dad, rests there, and lovingly watches me from there.

Just a heartfelt tribute to my dad’s memories!!!

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