Monday, November 30, 2020

December Cheer

 My favourite month since I was little. I just love the festivity and the winter . Brought up in Kuwait, my memories are very beautiful of winter . It used to get very cold . Christmas and New year used to be freezing but I loved every bit of it . My school wore a festive cheer from December 1st . So Nostalgic today .

We would be practising for the Christmas play and carol singing . Excitedly planning activities for Christmas. We had a long week celebration in our school . I miss those days dearly .

Christmas Eve , I would be invited for dinner to my friend’s place . Singing carols and enjoying the sumptuous dinner . 

Christmas added the cheer of red and green . I always felt everyone would be wearing a special , cheery winter coat . 

I just miss those beautiful days . I still live it . Trying to bring some memories back in the present . 

Joy to the world . 

Stay tuned for my secret Santa list . I’ll let you out on a secret 😉. I still write one 😁😁

Social Issues

 Centuries have passed 

Decades and Eras 

Gone by!

Our plight has still remained 

The same !

So where is Development 

And progress?

Every Era called us by

Various names 

From concubines , to what not !

From Harems to Brothels 

Names changed a new 

Not our plight !

We are still given dirty looks 

Respect never known 

Not one understood us 

We all have a story 

Just like anyone out there 

Some were forced here 

Some in the name of poverty 

Some disillusioned and duped !

Each more heart rending than the other !

Ohh!! The Harbingers of Morality !

Tell me which one of you have not come and seen any of us ?

We screamed for centuries!

It all fell on deafened ears !

Stoic souls 

Our plight continues till today !!

Our souls were sold 

Our hearts buried forever 

We are only reduced to 

A priced list of sorts !

Everyone puts a new

Price Tag !!

Alas !! It still continues 

My poem on a picture prompt , on social issues .

Sunday, November 29, 2020


 After a long time and through a lot of trials, I’m at my most rested . Surprised! 

During the pandemic, how is she managing to be so rested . This question must be popping in your minds as you read through it . 

Yes ! The realisation hit me , when I realised sub consciously , I stopped planning ahead . 

Now I truly live in the moment . Take each day as it comes. I just strive to do the best I can “ Today “, just “ Today “. 

Tomorrow is not promised . I don’t know what tomorrow will bring . Nothing is promised . Only what you have now .

What matters is the power of you . And how well you live in the now . 

Pandemic taught me the best lesson of life “ Don’t plan , Don’t stress “

Being a moderate “ OCD” myself . I always needed everything planned well in Advance . Systematically and meticulously running my monthly schedule . Stressing if it would go haywire . Now I just live by the day . And believe me , I’m a much happier being . 

Truly rested and calm . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe . 


 Sugar coated words 

Are dripped from succulent lip!!

The words sound like 

Melted warm Honey 

But the beauty of it 

Remains that it does not 

Come anywhere close from 

The heart 

Devoid of Emotions, feelings 

And heartfelt essence 

It just pays lip service 

And only stays till ther!!

Does not touch the being 

Heart or soul !!

So easily forgotten 

What was said 

And easily moved on 

To greener pastures 

Without any remorse 

Or guilt 

Of any remotest kind!!


 I remember our best Halycon 

Moments of Happiness!!

Blissful and complete 

Resplendent in its joyous Glory!!

When did it sonder 

Know not I!

I have craved the Minutiae 

In my Album of life 

Treasured it like my Best 

Most precious possession

For a long time to come!

Now in the hands of Moira 

I stay trapped!!

Waiting to free Myself again 

To Revisit Halycon!!

Once Again 

Another Encore 

Another taste of it!!

Taste of Optimism

 The ever lasting 

Taste of Optimism remained 

Steadfast and same 

Like the taste of 

My balm on chapped lips 

Here it worked on my 

Chapped and crushed 

Feeling of defeat 

Every time renewing 

And soothing 

My chapped and broken 


The taste of Optimism 

Till today remains 

Constant and consistent!!

The same taste 

The same feel!!


 In the frigidity of Emotions

And the frozen landscapes

Of hearts and Earth 

Let’s melt it 

With the warmth of 

Our emotions

Veins are turning to ice

Emotions are cold and frozen

Eyes have turned stoic 

Hearts devoid of Emotions 

All frozen and still

I set out to 

Seek the warmth again 

When I could not 

I decided to fill it 

With mine!!

Hope to leave a warmer place!!

And some warmth 

Of kindered souls!!

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