Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Leila ‘s Dilemma

Leila went back to Tehran with a heavy heart . She sat pondering throughout her flight . How had she fallen in love with Arad . She drive home from the airport straight to her office . Her ritual since years . After dropping the papers and briefing her staff , She went home . As she was entering her house . She met her cousin at the entrance. Her childhood cousin . Zahare. They were inseparable always. She quickly took her aside and said I have to tell you something very important. Hearing them at the entrance, her mother came out to meet her . They both went inside, sat with her parents for sometime. Then she went up , freshened up and left with zahare again . They sat at their favourite restaurant. Leila poured her out . Zahare sat quietly for sometime and then said “ You have to tell your parents the truth . You’ll never be happy with Azar . Leila and zahare spoke for some more time . Then they both left separately. Leila went home determined to tell her parents everything. As she was entering , her fiancée was already there . She wished him . Then pleading a headache went up to her room. Just then Arad’s message beeped . In all this confusion, she had forgotten to text him . She called him . He sounded very worried . She assured him that she was going to try and speak to her parents tomorrow. Next day at breakfast, She mustered the courage and told her father everything. Her father just kept looking at her . What do you think happens . Keep tuned to know.....

Monday, July 6, 2020

Arad’s dream continues

Arad could hardly sleep . He was so excited. The woman who he had been dreaming of every night . Had actually been with him in flesh and blood . He had held her in his arms , danced with her . He looked up and uttered a silent prayer . He dreamed of her and with a smile on his lips he fell asleep. The next morning he woke up very excited . He took extra trouble to dress and finally left the house around 11.30. He drove straight to the hotel .He entered the hotel and found her right in the foyer waiting for him. They both discussed few things and headed out . Arad took her and showed her few things . She wanted to buy a few filigree ring . They selected a beautiful one and headed out straight for lunch . They had a wonderful time together. The afternoon came to an end . He took her back to the hotel and promised to join her back for dinner .  Arad was happy after a long time. He went home rested for a while and again stared getting ready for dinner. Tonight was a very big formal event . Arad meanwhile called his jeweller and asked him to pack the other ring . Leila had liked one more but said it didn’t fit in her budget . Arad wanted to gift it to her . He swung by the jeweller, picked up the ring and drove straight to the hotel. He looked drop dead handsome tonight.  As he was entering the hotel, he saw Leila entering the hall. She looked so beautiful. More beautiful than his dreams had brought her to him again and again. She wore a golden long shift gown . Her ears and throat were dressed in a beautiful ruby and gold pendant . He could feel the velvet box safely nestled in his pocket . Leila turned and looked straight in his eyes . Arad slowly walked towards her . They both entered the hall together. Arad spent the whole beautiful evening by her side . They were glued to each other . Finally the evening ended and Arad offered to walk her to her room . She invited him in for coffee. They both sat and had coffee .Then Arad cleared his throat and told Leila “ Leila I have to tell you something.” Leila told him to go ahead . Arad started from the beginning, how he had seen her a year ago . Since then he hadn’t been able to get her out of the system. He was crazily in love with her . Leila sat stunned . She had tears in her eyes . Leila cleared her throat and said “ I’m sorry Arad” . I’m really touched by your love but . Arad got panicky he asked in a rush” but what Leila . Don’t you like me “. She said “ I do “ but I’m already engaged. Arad asked her if she loved her fiancée . She said  no . It’s mostly been decided by the family and I have no say . Arad asked her to convince her parents to give them a chance . Leila very reluctantly agreed... what do you think happens next .. will Leila be able to convince her parents. Stay tuned for the next sequel .

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Arad’s dream comes true

The day dawned bright and sunny . Arad was still feeling good in his dream world . He didn’t want to come out of it . It was beautiful and so real . Alas! He had already shut the alarm thrice . He glanced at the alarm clock on his bedside “ ohh God ! It was already 9. He quickly got ready . Rushed through the morning at a breakneck speed . He skipped breakfast and drove directly to the hotel . He had a very important conference lined up with some other hoteliers from all over Iran and Turkey . He walked in immaculately dressed in his slate grey business suit . He looked too handsome, of course as usual he was oblivious to that fact . The staff wished him as he sailed through them and went directly into his office . He called for his papers and of course a strong cup of coffee . He quickly glanced through the papers and went in straight to the conference hall. Most of them were all there . They were just waiting for the representative from one of the hotels . The reason sighted was the flight had got delayed . Just then the door swung open . As Arad turned towards the door . He was godsmacked in his gut . He looked shocked . The beautiful brown eyes were done up more beautifully. She marched in with confidence . Beautiful glossy brown hair , in waves greeted her back . She wore a beautiful tailored outfit in red and black . Her persona smelled of power . Arad wanted to forget everything and just take her in his arms and whisk her away to a beautiful place . He went through the motions of the meeting mechanically . Finally, when it came to an end . He breathed a sigh of relief . Tonight there was a party at the hotel , in honour of the guests . He caught her alone and spoke to her . She introduced herself as Leila. They spoke for sometime and then headed for lunch . While he was busy conversing and entertaining others . He suddenly found out that Leila had gone to her room. He left and went home . As he was driving back ,he thought of his dream last night . He didn’t think in his wildest dreams that today she would be standing in front of him.. He reached home and tried resting for sometime. He was too excited. He took a long warm bubble bath , but to no avail. He tried listening to soothing music , nothing was working today. He was too restless and tried pacing up and down . Finally it was close to the time, when he had to leave . He dressed in a black tuxedo. Looking breathtakingly handsome . He reached the hotel in no time . The music was soft . Mocktails and hor’deavures were doing the rounds. Dainty prawn and shrimps sautéed in special mushroom sauce . Chicken  dipped and layered in cheese n jalapeño sauce . One finger food was more delicious than the other . Arad  was restlessly waiting for her . Why hadn’t she come yet .  Then just as he was thinking what to do , she walked in . He kept looking at her . She wore a beautiful long outfit in royal blue . Enhancing her colour to perfection. Her make up was carefully applied . Arad gave her time to meet others . When she came closer to him . Arad spoke to her and subtly manipulated her away from the crowd . They spoke for a long time. They were oblivious to the world around them . Arad asked Leila for a dance . They danced on few numbers. Had dinner . Then again got busy meeting others . Finally the part came to an end . Arad extracted a promise from Leila for meeting him tomorrow... till tomorrow comes ... stay tuned 

Thursday, July 2, 2020


It was raining heavily . A fierce storm was going to break out very soon . Arad finished his meeting and rushed to his car . He enjoyed driving back from his Hotel . It had just won the best hospitality Award . The Arad group of Hotels . He was usually a very humble person, but today he felt like giving himself some credit . He had his favourite music on . Singing while driving . Enjoying the drive . He came from a close knit family . The eldest of 3 siblings. His father had taken an early retirement and  came occasionally to check . He was running the entire business along with his younger brother. His sister was studying in the u.k . As he drove towards home set in the north of Mashhad. He was suddenly feeling very hungry . He imagined chelo kabab, his mom’s recipe , which was unmatched. Waiting hot n ready for him. He drove into the driveway. The door was opened and he went straight to his room to freshen up . Then came down had dinner with his family. Sat and spoke to them for a while . As he was walking upto his room. Suddenly he remembered her and halted at the stairs . Lost deep in his thoughts . He walked towards his room . As he lay in bed . He remembered it so clearly. He was rushing towards the terminal, already late for his flight to Geneva . She bumped into him with her luggage . They both apologised to each other. He had not seen such a beautiful woman ever . There was something so striking about her . He kept staring into her beautiful almond shaped brown eyes . She had the most beautiful flawless skin . She was quite tall . He was close to 6’1 and she must have easily been 5’8. She wore flat moccasins and very tastefully dressed . There was something so sophisticated and elegant about her . He still couldn’t forget her . It was almost a year . Would he ever get to meet her again . With this thought , he fell asleep . Sometimes the cosmos  gets to work immediately. It all depends on how strong you intend. Little did Arad know, that less than 24 hours later . His one heartfelt wish , the love of his life would be right in front of him.  To be continued.....

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Samundar ki leharoan mein

Samundar ki leharoun mein 
Kya kuch paa liya shireen ne 
Dhoondti apni khushi shireen
Kabhi leharoaun mein
Kabhi raat ki Haseen khamoshi mein
Apne sukoon ki talaash mein 
Samundar ke kinaare pe baithi
Ek sukoon E khalb mila 
Zindagi ka phalsafa samjhti huwi 
Leharoaun mein, sab kuch paa liya shireen ne 
Muskurahatein chodhti leharoaun ke darmiyan
Chal padi unwan e zindagi dhundti huwi

Shireen Haider 

Miran’s Honeymoon

Love is a beautiful thing thought Simone as she sat buckled up in the aircraft . Surging towards her dream destination. Yes! They were going to Paris for their honeymoon. They went to a beautiful cottage . All to themselves. It was tastefully done . They had a wonderful time there . It was their own little paradise , cut away from the rest of the world . They did a bit  of sight seeing . Long walks . They did what they felt like . Miran pampered her to no end . He made breakfast for her every morning. Indulged her in every which way . They dined at exotic restaurants. Sipped coffee at the best coffee shops. It couldn’t be more beautiful. As Simone looked at Miran . She felt , she had been given the best gift . Their happily ever after continued we’ll into the future . Their love multiplied by the minute . Their love still going strong 😊So the fairy tale did actually continue for Simone and Miran .

Red Stilettos

 Red stilettos was the order of the day! It was a night to celebrate with her friends who she had not met in years! The big school friends r...