Friday, May 29, 2020

Creator’s Best creation

Time and again I was questioned
How do you manage to smile during the storm
I said who sent the storm
Is the same one who created me too
But he’s made me stronger than the storm
They said how do you manage to stay calm during the tough times
I smiled , looked up n replied
Because he can’t see me cry
They asked me again, how did you battle the most trying times
I smiled and replied, I was tried to make me better
They asked me again, what about when you felt alone
I smiled and said , I never felt alone
Because he always sent an angel to me
Through my life , angels were sent in various forms to take care of me
They said but what about when he took away your most prized possession
I smiled and replied , he took it
But always replaced me with more compassion, more love , more humility, more strength
They said where do you get so much calm from
I smiled and replied , my story has been created by the best of creators
The best playwrights
And the most loving
Then why will I worry
When everything who’s written is the best and unmatched 😊

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Sarhadein Khayal ki ( urdu poem)

Is Jahan ke sarhadoan pe khadi shireen
Yeh Sonch rahi thi
Kiss aur se Aasoon mithaoon
Kahin Bacchae Boohk ke maare bilakate hain
Kahin maare Jaate hain
Kahin maa ko marta dekh
Ek patharayee si nam ankhen pukartee hain
Aaj admi is gardhishe duniya mein jakraa huwa hai
Na Khushi ka koi theekana
Na rahat ka
Bas ek Maut ki Goonj
Har simt
Iss beeche mein shireen sonchti hai
Toh phir hai Kya akhir admi ka wajood
Baachon ki hasi Kho gayee
Chahatein roothi huwi
Be kafan lashe
Is gardhishe duniya ki gard
Mein chup Gaye
Toh phir Kya tha akhir Aadmi ka wajood
Iss gardhishe Duniya ka phalsafa
Na samjh payee Kabhi shireen
Toh phir apni zindagi ka jeene  ka phalsafa
Badl Diya
Phir jeene lagee shireen

Shireen Haider

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


What search is man driven to day in and day out . What are we seeking for in the ordinary. The search to seek reasonates deep within each of us . Have we identified what we are seeking . Deep within me I seek for the fulfilment that life has to give . To rejoice in my being . To just nurture life . To just be . I seek for the peace which is so fleeting. I seek the joys that makes me complete . There is so much to seek for, but where does a person start from. Do we get a choice to seek ? Or do we just get pulled by the gravity of life. Flowing like a river , taking everything in its stride. O! Dear life ! Do I get a chance to decide for myself? Is my journey of life already chartered . The course already decided. Yet I still seek . My search to seek still pull me from yonder . Like a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. And I get pulled by it . My search to seek still continues 

Saturday, May 23, 2020


Today some thoughts reasonating within me. As the end is approaching close to 2020 Ramzan . So many tragic things have come up in the previous month .The only thing I could do was thank the Almighty. People have lost their lives during the pandemic, accidents , Terrorist attacks and plane crashes . God saved you .You have been blessed to see another day . Another sunrise and sunset . Your loved ones are safe .Spend time with your loved ones . Please be grateful and thankful.Think about the families going through various tragedies . Losing their loved ones . If he has given you happy moments in the midst of  this chaos . Show your gratitude every second. He has kept you away from disasters and tragedies . It’s a very difficult time and the best you can do is just pray . Pray for people in trouble. Pray for world peace and safety. Be happy in simple pleasures . At this time the happy moments and peace of mind counts . Nothing else truly matters. Stay blessed and stay safe 😊

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Emotional Pandemic

Today the magnitude of what each person is dealing with during the pandemic is huge . From your normalcy severely challenged . Your life thrown out of gear . What do you think each one is coping with. It’s a monumental task . Your emotions are all running helter skelter. You are doing things out of the ordinary. There’s nothing ordinary left . Dealing with different patterns , learning to live with chaos . Man is a social animal and unfortunatelyour social interaction is at a minimal.we are all in front of the computer or gadgets , whether we like it or not . That is going to be the reality for sometime. So your feelings are justified.It’s going to bring out a lot of anger , turmoil, frustration and mood swings . It’s definitely not easy tackling any of those . The best you can do is , let the emotions visit you . Don’t suppress them . Honour them and then deal with it . Suppression leads to more anger and then it has physiological repercussions. Today the pandemic was not enough. Even nature is anxious . You have storms coming in , cyclones, unrest in the ocean . The whole universe is in chaos . So for you to find your peace ,is not going to be easy. The best way to weather a storm is to , dance in the storm . After that you can do the work 😊

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Dew Drops

Dew Drops glistening on the petals
The green ferns and leaves dance to the rhythm of the breeze
The fruits sway to the orchestrated dance of their own
The weather brings out the bees and the birds
The chill fills my soul
And makes my heart sing
To an ancient  beat
o’ beautiful rain
You make the children play in Glee
The adults dance to their own tunes
Lovely weather you make us all so happy 😊

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Self care

Self care :
Self care is knowing your worth
Self care is learning when to say no
Self care is learning when to give in to your emotions
Self care is learning  when to stop
Self care is knowing how to respect “YOU “
Self care is knowing when to turn the magic in you
Self care is learning what makes you happy
Self care is taking immense care of “ YOU “
We are so busy taking care of others
We take a backseat
Learn to care and love 💕 yourself how you would do with others
Then see how beautiful and magical you become
How your life feels fulfilling
Learn and master what matters to you
What is important to you 

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