Tuesday, November 19, 2019


For the world it looked chaos
People who looked at her thought she was chaotic
But for her chaos was her semblance
She couldn’t have it too orderly
She always needed the slight edge , the odd challenge
She was a restless soul
Always in search for something new
Chaos kept her spirit excited n baffled
She welcomed the bafflement
Thrived in her chaos
Sometimes u get your answers in the midst of chaos
Sometimes peace keeps you turmoiled
But think about it
Is it fun when it’s too quiet
We need a little bit of noise n background music 🎵 to keep us going n last but not the least
Your million dollar smile 😀-

Sunday, November 17, 2019


I always wondered about faith
How can u understand faith
This is what I could understand
Faith that something beautiful will eventually happen
That something wonderful is about to happen
The easing of the present
A calm , balmy tomorrow
The victory of the silent, unknown battle fought within us
The true understanding of happiness in our journey
We are all on a path of searching for something unknown
With the faith n strong belief that it does exist
N eventually will find it
Wonder truly honestly do we ever find it
Keep the search on
In the faith that it might meet you round the corner-

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Never let the child in you die

Never let the child in you die
For me my students have kept the child within me alive
They loved me selflessly
Respected me without any question
They called me Hitler with love
But the next moment loved me
When I forgot my smile
They made me laugh
I’m fortunate to have so many loving children over the years
Being a teacher is only made special by the unabiding respect n love given to me
Happy children ‘s day to all my loving n lovely students
Love you’ll
Stay blessed always 😊

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

World kindness day

World kindness day
A small act of kindness
A heartfelt smile
A sincere compliment
Helping the elderly
Staying by people in their most trying times
Kindness should be something which is practised every waking moment of our lives
That’s the legacy which we should intend leaving behind
When u r no more in this world
People have something kind to remember about u
Today the world needs listeners
People who r just there to listen to u n talk to u
In this rat race
We have lost out on time , tenderness n kindness
That’s what the world needs

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Being humane

Time n again
Time n again pain came knocking
Time n again I shut the door
But sometimes pain was stronger
N sometimes strength pushed it back
But then pain asked me one day
You keep pushing me way
If I don’t touch you deep within the soul
How would you be humane
I pondered
Deep in thought
Then Learnt
Time n again I gave place to pain
After it left
Compassion visited me
Kindness stayed back
Time n again welcome pain
It teaches life long compassion
Being humane

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Being Positive

As I walked the path of life
Strewn with a multitude of things
Sometimes it was pleasant
Sometimes unpleasant
At times it was illuminating n joyous
At times challenging
As I looked more n more with positivity
Towards unknown destinations n paths
I felt more n more doors open with positiveness
Today I make a strong intention every morning to introduce more positivity in my day
N I feel a shift
And it feels good
Strong positive intention, wishful thinking n gratitude

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Coffee under the willow trees

Coffee under the willow trees
The meadows smiled
A beautiful shade of red
The trees blossomed
With apples and oranges afar
The sweet fragrance of fresh fruits
Filled the orchard a new
I sat with my pretty little basket of flowers
Watching the stream gently curve its way
The dainty sandwiches 🥪, the scones filled with cream
Stood patiently waiting
To be polished
With my coffee cup in hand
I sat lost in the wilderness
Beautiful and raw
The dusk started creeping lazily
Gently touching the horizon
In shades of russet n browns
I was lost with
My coffee under the willows
The serenity of dusk
Held me mesemerised
The gentle sounds of the open
Were the most soothing n meditative
This was what the willows did😊8

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