Sunday, September 3, 2023

Stirrings of her soul

 Samara woke up to a positive dawn! It had been decades since she had smiled at waking up. The previous dawns were witnessed to her tear laden eyes, a wet pillow and bruises under her eye lids. Today there was a touch of sparkle to her tawny gaze. Would this day be different finally? 

Years of torment had finally been fought! Her fight fir her freedom finally won! The veil of fear which had camouflaged her was torn to shreds!

Every time those fists were raised to leave her black and blue. Her crimson coloured courage had blurred! Faded into oblivion! 

She had finally met the courage of her life! She had shown her the true beauty and joy of living in unbridled freedom! 

When she had seen the faces of those  countless women coloured by the bruises of domestic abuse! She had stood for them all! The chains of atrocities were finally unchained!

The power of freedom was intoxicating! Breathing in the freshness of your resilience was exhilarating!

She looked at the sun with a new found ecstasy and excitement!

She would make a difference in their lives. Show them the spirit of a being filled  with compassion!

She would make a difference!

Samata set out on a new path of a battle still unknown!

She would find her might and fight the battle with her new found strength!

The stirrings of her soul had finally steered her in the right direction . At the helm of her living was might! 

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