Sunday, September 17, 2023

Lazy Sunday Morning

 Now that’s what I call being yourself! Were not Sundays made to be your lazy self. The agendas put to stop! Time plans halted! Indulge in being your unchecked self! Lazy morning where you wake up to being more lazy. Coffee and sleep. Wake up to a sumptuous lunch, mind you! Where you are not cooking. Being outdoors. Catching up on your reading. Meeting friends over coffee. Catching you on your to watch list on Netflix! 

Lazy day in your payjamas or yoga pants! That’s what I call blissful!

A nice therapeutic massage! Booked into a spa! 🤣🤣Let that be a surprise gift 🎁. Where you are being invited to indulge!

A warm hair oil massage! 

The list is endless!

A day to yourself!

Feel good factor in abundance!

Don’t you need it? Asks your tired being?

Of course!

In plenty!

The magical hours where you forget the constraints of time!

Have a lovely lazy Sunday , just for yourselves!

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