Monday, September 18, 2023

Hues of yester

 Daria sat in the dawning quiet of life! Lost to the world. She liked silence more than ever now. The duties of life had taken a toll on her being! Finally! She realised she could do it no more! 

The battles of life mounted! The armour had deep holes in it. Would it be possible to bring it to its yester hues.

She had done her duties. Settled each one comfortably. Now sitting in the dark hues of life. In the mounting shadows of dusk. She finally asked her being” What do you want now”? 

The call of her soul always went unanswered. She unattended the peaceful gathering of her heart. The assembly of emotions never graced by her. 

She had overlooked herself!

Forgotten she was a breathing soul too. 

She sat in the quiet and looked around. She had  it all. Her siblings were settled. Her child had found her path. 

Each had found their passion. Answering the call.

She sat in quiet contemplating what did she want?

Her college reunion was in few days. 

Did she want to go back to that beautiful phase of life once again?

Where had that carefree, vibrant , jovial Daria been lost?

She was called the life of a gathering? 

When had that life gone away from her being?

Who is this?

She knew not!

Staring from the shadows!

Her resilience pulled her from the shadows!

She would bring the old Daria back with a vengeance!

She would love life once again!

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  1. The story beautifully delves into the introspective journey of Daria, a character who has sacrificed her own desires and passions while fulfilling her duties. It highlights the universal theme of self-discovery and the importance of reconnecting with one's true self. Well done Shireen!


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