Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Bruised Rainbow

Bruised Rainbow

She opened the window to a breathtaking beautiful evening. The dusky hues played with the stain glass design of her window pane in dancing silhouettes of joy. She had smiled today after a long time. The waning moon had been witnessed to her anguish last night. Coaxed to sleep by the soft moonbeams put her to sleep. The sleep was never peaceful. The same dream haunted her every night. The bruised shadows under her eyes spoke of many unspoken sagas. The tormented soul has never seen a colourful rainbow for decades. Her rainbow had been just bruised and hurt as her tender heart. Love had left her at the altar. Jilted in every relationship. She had never know solace. Just emptiness. The rawness of wounds.

The bleeding despair of brokenness. Yet her heart has been strong enough to still keep beating. But today there was a half smile . Would finally hope be able to make an abode in her heart? Will emotions come knocking at her frozen door of existence!

Bruised Rainbow

I stare at thee,

Hoping for a little glee, Alas!

She sits among the crushed blossoms,

The blooming hues all withered,

Yet the rainbow smiles at her tenderly!

Hoping to gift her the joyous hues,

Spread the colour in her barren canvas of life,

Will she finally let the rainbow play its magical spell,

On her listless living!

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