Monday, July 31, 2023

Hello August

 Hi Dear August! 

What thou carries for each?

Will I get lucky? 

Will I get happy?

I wonder about thee!

Hope to have my soul flowers blossom!

Hope to have my heart orchards ripe with fruits of perseverance!

Keep me gay!

Fill my being with glee!

Hopefully each of us will be blessed abundantly. 

Let’s welcome this month with positivity and hope. 

Let each being know hot unbound!

Keep each blessed by your choicest blessings oh Almighty!

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Dead Rose


She woke up to darkness, yet once again.

Alas! What had life gifted her repeatedly?

Loneliness gift wrapped by misery, tied by dreariness! What had she done so wrong, she always wondered! She woke up with her tattered Hope and scarred heart. The wounds inflicted by life were always unseen by the naked eye cause they were veiled so beautifully by her persona. Her eyes camouflaged the pain with a false brightness, her broken smile hidden by a twinkling one. Yet there was only one who had seen behind all this. She waited for him every dawn. Every dusk giving up hope!

Hoping for that day, he would come back from the life support system just for her system to become normal again! Like a dead rose she went about life. She lit the candle every single day hoping she would get that call from the hospital saying he has woken up. Today was no different. Just as she had finished lighting the candle, it had extinguished. She wondered if she had kept the window open. Just then the phone rang. She ran to it. The cold clinical voice without a touch of emotion had told her, he had left the world forever. She knew not how long she stood there. Today the dead rose had also been buried forever!

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Hello July

 Welcoming this beautiful month! Hopefully it will bring only joyous tidings and missives for a calming aura. Let us believe that the best has been intended and hopefully work towards it.

Each month comes with its own change. Yet change is inevitable. Change is the only constant abd a much needed one . 

How we adapt to it, is what it all boils down. Every instance and experience teaches us something new. 

May this month be a good one for all. May we learn, adapt ,grow and accept change! 

Red Stilettos

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