Tuesday, March 21, 2023

World Poetry Day

You taught me to smile😊
In the blossoming pink hues 
A new saga of life was written 

 Dania was lost in the tragedy of her life. The loss of her dear dad was too much for her to bear. All the seasons of life had been replaced only by the “Season of Sorrow”. Many seasons of “ Spring” had just gone by. She lost count. Lost so much in the world made by her. No space for anything. Then one beautiful spring. It all changed for her. 

They were celebrating world poetry day. She was asked to come and just listen. For once she felt excited. Looking forward to something after decades. As the evening passed, her sorrow grew less. After decades she was hearing her favourite erstwhile poets being read so beautifully. 

That night she truly smiled after ages. She felt invigorated. A small smile graced her lips. Her eyes got back a little shine. 

That night her diary was opened again after decades. Her first piece was an ode to “ Poetry”. 

There was no turning  back after that. The journey with poetry grew and blossomed just like the most exquisite spring.

Blooms and Blossoms calling to all!

Many found inspiration in her pieces. Many found the story of their misery being resounded. Some found a new motivation for their journey! 

Each had something to take home  from her heartfelt piece!

She owed it all to Poetry!

How could she not write a beautiful heartfelt piece of Gratitude for her dearest !

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