Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Dark Days

 It was a dark lonely night. Alone with her thoughts. She had thought it would be enough. What did she know loneliness would be as piercing as daggers. What would assuage her feeling of guilt? Always made to think she had done nothing right. What was right? What was wrong? Why was only that in question. For no fault of hers too, she had been left to bleed till she was dry. The emotional wounds, the bleeding scars, so much to camouflage. 

The stormy night of emotional turmoil, gave her a new strength. She closed her eyes and thought of the inner child which needed healing. Her soft deep breaths were a balm. She learnt that night, she had the power to make mistakes. That’s what had made her human. The soft words of the book were a balm. The journal which lay open had a will of their own. The saga of hurt unfolded. She had never felt lighter. The storm grew quiet. There was a sparkling newness in dawn. Had she also been gifted a new dawn? She smiled as she liked up at the rays of dawn. So beautifully clean and new everything looked around her. 

She had conquered the darkness! 

There would only ne light around her. 

Kia had survived the war! 

War of darkness had finally ben won by the spirit of light!

Light had wiped the darkness clear! 

Kia had finally learnt, she would never let darkness rule over her again. 

She had come to err. 

She would Err and learn to accept her flaws!

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