Thursday, January 19, 2023

The one who left us too soon

 Today I would like the world to know the man who left the world too soon. My dear dad, a man of resilience founded by pillars of honesty and integrity! He was the life of the party, king of hearts! He ruled the hearts with his humour, compassion and softness. I would like to call him” The gentle giant”. He worked hard to make a beautiful abode for us. He worked graveyard shifts too. I still remember there were days when I didn’t see him at night. He was always true to his word. He would tuck  us into bed and read . My habit of reading was inculcated by him. The love for cricket was instilled in me at a young age. He had a cricket team which he would play for , accompanying him, I learnt to be the audience. Cheering him and learning the game. 

My childhood was spent in his loving arms. My only regret is he was taken too soon  from us. He left us on 23 rd January in the wee hours. The final goodbye was sudden. None of us by his side. We never knew that was the final farewell. 

No matter what time we had with him, it was the best. Embedded , imprinted on our souls. 

I always wonder what joyous moments we would have spent in his midst. Travelling, reading and seeing the world together. I know he would have been the proudest of my poetic journey today.

I alway know deep down that he’s watching me from far above, from the sky’s of heaven , a heavenly star watches me and guides me ever!

My father was the favourite wherever he went. He left people in giggles, smiles and laughter. A man who tolerated no lies and deceit. He raised his voice against injustice. Extremely compassionate, humane and kind. 

An excellent doting father, who always had time for his children even with his busy schedule.

After he left us, we heard only praises for him.

My favourite one shall always be” What a man he was”

Truly he was one of a kind.

His love for desserts was inherited by all of us 😃.

So much to say, yet the words stay lost,

Oh dear dad!

The best was yet to come,

You were called away to play 

the grand finale with the best,

The creator summoned you,

To light his joyous abode,

Your laughter resonates there,

Making the angels smile in glee.

My dear dad you are always in my heart. 

In every breath,

In every moment!  

You have my heart forever!

The man who stole my heart forever!

My dear dad 🥰🥰🥰

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