Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The month of Love

 Hello February! May this month be the best version of self love hues! May the optimism rule high. Positivity in abundance.

The month of love, it was called. What love can be more powerful than self love. The love we give to others, if even half of it we dedicate it to ourselves, how powerful would our being be. Food for thought! 

Why not romanticise self love. Why not take yourself on a date. Buy flowers and chocolates for yourself. Do you just need one day in the year to proclaim self love? 

Why wait for some other being to do what you should be doing for yourself all along. 

The power of self love,

I adorn myself in shades of crimson joy,

My sparkling gem sitting majestically 

on my adorned finger,

The flowers scent their joy all around,

I nibble on chocolates,

Bought for thee!

Oh my dear being,

I love you the most!

The power of love has always been one of its kind. The power of love now for my self, I find it most reassuring!

Why not light those candles for yourself. A romantic candlelit dinner where your being feels the warmth of self love. Never wait to live yourself. Each moment is precious!

Make the most of it!

Life and moment is short. The joy of being here lined with the light of love! Make it strong! Make it powerful!

Have a blessed love hue month!

The power of love, let it encompass your self!

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