Monday, January 16, 2023

Magic within misty mornings

 The morning was Misty and dewy. Kia woke up feeling dreamy. The essence of life was it found in the dreamy white landscape surrounded by your loved ones. 

It was so good to be home. Christmas morning filled with the fervour and excitement. The ritual which would be played out after years. They had all flown the nest. Getting back together after almost 2 decades. Kia sat in her balcony. Looking at the pristine white landscape. Her coffee mug in her hand. She loved the flavour. It had the flavour of the bygone. The one she had loved the most. It tasted of undulated love. How she missed those beautiful days. Days filled with love. How life had just changed one dawn. Where had that carefree Kia gone? She was never found again. Lost in the journey. Today she found a tiny part of her again. 

She loved the yellow flowers left by her cousins. They knew she liked her coffee and loved to have fresh flowers sitting by her bedside table. 

She could already  hear the excited. The grand Christmas lunch. 

She got dressed and came down in time for her Christmas lunch. Dressed in red. After a long time she could feel true happiness. 

They sat by the Christmas tree, singing the carols at the top of her voice. 

Then followed by their favourite dishes. It was all quiet now. The shadows playing at the windows. She looked at the fireplace. The red glowing embers speaking to her.

What would life hold? Wondered she.

It was time to join in the festivities. Tomorrow morning they were flying out to a beautiful Greek island. 

It was a destination wedding.

Tonight was the big celebratory dinner.

She was going up to her room to get ready for dinner. 

As she was going, she heard her grandfather calling out to her. 

She hurriedly went to his room. He smiled and said “ You didn’t take your Christmas gift”

He held a small velvet box. She opened it and found the most beautiful ring set in Pink diamond. 

She loved it. She hugged her grandfather tightly.

There are tears in his eyes. He said” Kia ! I want to see you married before I leave for my final journey. Will I get to attend your wedding”

She just mumbled something. In her room, she stood in pensive silence. How to tell her grandfather that she had sworn not to get married. She had no place for love in her life! She was done with it. 

She saw his face yet again, the chapter of pain he had written, was etched for a lifetime. 

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