Wednesday, January 4, 2023


 At birth judged, for being born a girl. 

As she grew up repeatedly judged for not being good enough. In the shackles of age old traditions and clutches of conditioning, she tried making a place for herself. Just when she thought finally achieved it. A set of new expectations took shape by becoming a bride. Then the journey of her new battle started. 

When is a woman ever given her true identity. Curbed in various chains of survival. As a daughter, mother, wife. Sister and daughter in law. When is she ever given the freedom to breathe freely. 

When she carves a niche for herself. It’s shunned. 

Being a woman is just to be judged time and again. To always adhere to other’s expectations of you. To bow your head down in consent every single time.


When I come across different women from different walks of life. I see nothing different. Each is still battling to make that place for themselves. 

Some fight their own

Some fight the unknown,

All meet at the battlefield,

Wearing the armour of survival,

Looking at each other,

They find the strength to combat it together!

Alas! The battle is tough!

The day a woman will be confident in her skin. 

In her belief, 

In the power of “ Her”

Then the world shall see a new awakening!

When she shall be strong in the armour of education which she will adorn herself in,

That’s when the new dawn shall smile newly for her!

Thinking that a woman needs to be conditioned,

Is the age old method of taming,

Like it was known “ Taming the shrew”

She does not need taming. She needs recognition. She needs acceptance, she needs appreciation, she needs compassion, she needs love. She needs to know that in the journey of mankind, her role is the strongest.

Don’t relegate her to just dishing out food, cooking and just running a household. Along with that recognise her as a human being . A gifted one, who has come to mark a space and a special one. 

These skills are good for survival. But do not end with doing just that.

Empower your daughters with the skills and first and foremost education. 

Teach them that they matter the most.

Learn to teach them to be confident, comfortable in their skin. Love themselves the most. 

They judged me by the  shade of skin,

I wore,

In confidence I looked up,

Exclaimed wholeheartedly,

I love it,

Its my unique shade,

Gifted to me by the,


Who sculpted such master pieces,

In all of us walking the planet,

In unison he had hoped!

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