Thursday, January 5, 2023

Dewy Morning

 Woke up to a glorious dewy Misty morning. Laden with Pearl like rain drops. Dropping like star studded lanterns on tree tops. Nature you are the most beautiful in the morning. So serene, so untouched, so calming. 

Lost in the morning,

I sit penning my thoughts,

My coffee silently sitting by my side,

My diary opened wide,

What do I write for this beautiful dawn?

Woke up with gratitude to see this beautiful day. What shall be giving me this beautiful day? What do I hope?

Beautifully radiant in colours of nature. It stands sparking with brand new hope for each.

Being alive is a celebration needing to be celebrated every single day. You woke up, saw another dawn. Listened to the sounds of nature. Paint your aspirations on the horizon. Colour it bright. 

Let each shade speak for itself. 

My breath, I pay ode to you each dawn. You stand by me in Earnest and keep me going.

 Such a beautiful morning. I just long time be lost in you. It’s so unlike for January to have a spell of rain. Yet it has come. Looking beautifully sparkling.

Have a beautiful day lovelies!

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