Sunday, January 15, 2023


 The note of appreciation which countless times you have longed to have received from others. A simple heartfelt line filled with gratitude . So much we long to hear from others . Have you ever wondered, that your beautiful being too desires the same from you.

The numerous lines of criticism, the phrases of judgement you received instead, what did they do to you? They just left a sour taste for a long time. The same happened to your being when you sent it all back to it.

How many times have you sincerely sat and wrote a love note to your self. Simple praise of well doing. The joy of being grateful to it. How many times have we ever been thankful or grateful to it. We have just been unleashing all our negativity , anger towards the faultless one.

When your body reciprocates in the form of Illnesses, then you sit up and take notice of it. 

How many times has it sincerely stood by you. Holding you in its midst. Loving you unconditionally. Honouring you, respecting you. Loving you sincerely. 

Make it a habit to pen down a love note to yourself each morning. Write something beautiful to your being. Honour each part. Then see the difference. 

Each morning during the yoga practice, we make it a habit to send out affirmations to each part . Holding one part of the body in our meditation. For years I have not even ever thought of acknowledging or thanking it. 

When consciously I have started doing this. I feel like I am valuing, cherishing, honouring and respecting it heartfelt gratitude. 

Learn to love yourself the best!

You will find a beautiful being waiting to be uncovered just by you, only for you. The most loyal, sincere and affectionate one!

Write a love note for your being. End of the month honour and see what you have written . You will be amazed to find so much which you had never thought of. 

Keep the faith!

Keep smiling! 

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