Thursday, June 1, 2023

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths in heartfelt gratitude. Be thankful that you are alive. Another month to celebrate you living.

Today I came across a post. It was very ironical. In that instant I valued in being alive and breathing. I was watching a reel of a young T.V star who had passed away in a road accident in the next instant I saw a video of a scan of twin foetuses in the womb. A woman who had conceived after 10 years and after many failed attempts. What kept me awed was, he took away a life, he granted another. He took hope from one granted another more. If we sit to analyse, it’s baffling. What I only gathered was , never lose hope. Never take your life for granted. There’s another who would give anything to be alive once again.

Each moment you live is precious, priceless. Let no moment be lost. Love and love to your best!

Let’s welcome June with new hopes. Powerful beginnings. Hope for the best always!

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Mehendi Fervour

 It was a beautiful morning painted in shades of cloudy skies. Aanya smiled radiantly. The morning of her Mehendi function had arrived. The function was being held at their ancestral house. The lawns were transformed to her liking. The guests had arrived. 

Her friends would be coming in by the afternoon. The last batch of guests were arriving this afternoon. Booked in different places. She was excited to see them all in the evening. Just then her phone msg tone beeped. She received a romantic text from Mihir. He was so affectionate, caring and loving. Just the kind she always wanted. 

The evening came too soon. Aanya wore a beautiful multi coliured lehenga with soft green kurta and a beautiful bandhni worked dupatta. She looked stunning. Her skin had a glow of its own. 

There was so much excitement. Her aunts and uncles were dancing. Her friends and cousins were practising for the sangeet day after. Tomorrow was just for relaxing followed by the Pre-Bridal shower sorts of party. 

Aanya was enjoying but suddenly there was this fear and doubt which niggled her. Something was not so right. She couldn’t lay her finger on the cause. She pushed it away blaming it on the bridal jitters which every bride invariably went through. After that she was dragged by her family to dance. She joined in for the festivities. It was almost 3 when she hit the bed. Dropping into a dreamless sleep. 

Suddenly after few hours she woke up with a start. She was drenched in sweat. Her throat dried up. She had a nightmare. She was sitting with her mehendi, suddenly there was a dark shadow completely hiding her mehendi. Followed by a downpour where all her mehendi gets washed away. Remembering the nightmare she glanced down at her hands. The mehendi had become brighter and looked beautiful. Smiling to herself, she fell asleep again.

Stay tuned. Will Aanya’s fears come true? Followed in the sequels. 

Plan which flopped

 Kiara was so excited. Her summer break has started. She had it all planned to perfection! She was going to look after her hair and skin. Dedicated to spaism. A new word coined by her, which meant the extension to spa. 

She had ordered her products online. Her favourite was the vanilla body oil. Which kept it soft and supple after the shower. Everything was all set. She had a smile as she fell asleep.

Next morning she woke up late. Her yoga class was canceled. What would she do today. After jotting down her to do list. She reached for her face scrub. Just then the sharp ring of the phone halted her. She picked up the call, it was her house help. She had called in sick. She wanted to scream. Taking deep breaths, which was a Herculean task. She managed to compose hers. Reluctantly she went into the kitchen. To cook for lunch. She came out flushed. Smelling in the fragrant aromas of ginger garlic paste, tomatoes and onions. Her skin looked flushed by the steam of veggies and rice. Not to lose hope and heart, she just remembered her grandma’s golden words” Sweetheart the best facials and Scrubs are found in the kitchen” . I’m sure she didn’t mean it toiling in the furnace. 

Anyway hopefully tomorrow she would be here. Tomorrow she got a call with a brand new excuse. The days turned to a fortnight. Kiara’s frustration was hitting the roof. She was red with anger, the steaming vapours from the boiling kitchen or the vapour of the furious temper, she knew not.

Just as she entered her room, she decided to take a day off and pamper herself. She was planning to do that . Her younger one screamed. Mummy I fell. She just needed this now. After being rushed to the hospital and the doctors diagnosis. Sometimes a dreaded one read” A muscle pull”. A week’s rest!

Kiara dropped tiredly into bed. Not even having the energy to slap her night moisturiser. She wanted to scream or cry aloud. She knew not!

She fell asleep. Woke up next morning as trr get e sun’s rays kissed her good morning.

She got a message from her school of the summer work. She smiled . I need to book myself for a spa.

She took the day off. Indulged in a body massage, facial, pedicure and relaxed. She fell asleep. Steamed , shower. Came out looking fresh!

Sometimes you just need to take that break. It’s not selfish! It needed!

The products are still sitting on her dresser, waiting for that day, when they’ll be used lovingly!

BTW Breaking News” After a fortnight her maid quit altogether “

So much for planning !

😥 Phew 😰  😮‍💨 

The saga of unrealised spaism! 

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Moment of Bliss

 It’s that one moment of bliss, when you truly, honestly love yourself the best! Honouring it, nurturing it, just the way it is. 

In the ears of “ Perfectionism” and “ Filtering”. Let yourself be the way it is. Love its lines, it’s aging quality, it’s growing tenderness. 

Stop wanting it to be what it had,

Love the new growing you.

Stop thinking of what once fitted you to perfection.

Think of what now looks perfect on you.

See the world from a brand new vision!

Change the perspective of the bygones, look at the present “ You”.

Love yourself as the most precious, valued possession.

Each will come and know you differently in the journey of life.

Some might be till the end, some might leave you at the very beginning, some half way through. Their role in your life was meant to be till the allocated time.

Never lose heart, somewhere something beautiful is always waiting to be unravelled by you.

The best moments are lived unexpectedly!

So what are you waiting for?

Love yourself and wait to unravel the beauties of life!

Good Morning Lovelies!

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

I am a child!

 It’s truly heartbreaking! Time and again I have come across instances shared by distressed parents of children being ridiculed. Being made fun of. Why?

Just because they can’t spell a couple of words in a foreign language not even their mother tongue! Maybe they are unable to add a couple of numbers or they have lost 1 or 2 marks here and  there.

Let me tell you, have you tried finding out if that child is soft in his mannerisms. Polite to the core. Could be a friendly, helpful child . No.

Maybe a future genius in the making. What creative genius is lurking deep within the folds of low self esteem, have you tried finding out?

Have you seen that same child’s paintings and drawings. Have you seen the child sitting a little apart in the drawing. Think about it!

Maybe he could be a maestro!

A Beethovan, Michael Angelou, Leonardo Vinci, a sports genius!

Are you the cause of it?

My heart breaks when I hear the educationists today have forgotten the meaning of compassionate, kind , loving and most important “ Caring”


A child who is broken already what does he truly need?

Whether it’s a child of special needs, autistic, dyslexic, the labels are endless. I have cross many in my career of 18 years as a special educator. For me it’s a child, a living breathing human with a heart and up-teem number of emotions! 

He has come with a purpose! He has been sent for a purpose! He will find his way!

You are a mediator again chosen by him!

Are we doing our part?

Let the child bask in the joy of living!

Let him wear the cloak of happiness!

Let each instance with you be a special mention in his diary of life!

Remember heart have been won over by love!

Love conquers all!

Compassion conquers even more!

Be kind always!

They need it more than any one out there!

Give them the joy of Living  and Learning together!

Monday, April 17, 2023

Just a housewife

 I have repeatedly seen women being brought down due to their respective roles. The common one being, the housewife. Have you ever been in that woman’s shoes and  wondered “ Why isn’t she wearing her stilettos”? 

Wearing the most comfortable footwear, so that she can be up and about looking after everyone’s well being. Sometimes it’s her elderly in- laws, at times the children, then hubby. She’s expected to perform each role with finesse. Do we easily give in if she errs?

Doesn’t look like it. Even if she’s sick, she has to be present for sometime to check if everything is taken care of. 

Does it sound easy? 

She gives up her career. Looking after the well being of many. Is she appreciated? Have you ever thought, she’s making your abode a blissful one.

Doesn’t she command more respect?

Next comes the one who’s multi tasking. Running the house, working, taking charge of many aspects of her life. If someday she just makes a statement of being tired, the quick come back is” But you only were gone for 6 hours”.

Meaning what’s the big deal?

Then her glam quotient too has to be in place. Groomed, Glamorous, looking perfect in every which way.

Fitness too has to be kept in mind!

Now! Does she have 48 hours in her day?

Food for thought!

Good to ponder!

Children’s hobby classes, sports activities, other miscellaneous activities have to be all kept in mind!

Please fit in the chauffeur’s role too!


Let’s take a deep breath!

Wait a minute!

“ The water is not coming in the taps”

Why is there a fuse here?

Why is the internet not working?

What’s for dinner? 

Ohh mummy!

But I don’t like that?

The quiet voice of the hubby slowly, “ Is there anything else to eat”?

I don’t like this curry!

Who cooked this?

It’s too spicy!

Where’s my blue colour shirt?

I had put it for wash🤷🏼‍♀️

Mummy I can’t find my socks!

Then the meal planning! Keeping each’s likes and dislikes in mind!

Does it sound easy?

Does this sound familiar!

True! What is it?

The lunch had to be prepared. The lunch is already done waiting for you because the reliability of the helping hand cannot be vouched for.

She is running through her breakfast. Literally gulping her scalding coffee. Yet ! Right!

What’s the big deal?

Why are women always expected to be some professional multi taskers!


Why should in their reign everything be meticulously carried out?

When a girl gets married, the assumption that she has to be a professional cook, producing culinary delights everyday.

Why can’t it be a joint venture?

Why is it that women in the end are just reduced to taking care of everyone?

Is she ever asked” How was your day”?

“Would you like to take some rest”?

You deserve to have a break!

Should I book you for a spa day?



Are you kidding me?

Who’ll cook?

What about food?

What about the house being run?

What about this?

What about that?

What about that human being who needs to be feel loved, appreciated and treated with kindness?

Women are made strong and to multi task but each one has their breaking point!

Dear women,

Learn to stand up for what you believe!

Sometimes it’s not selfish to say no!

Know your limitations!

When you need to rest or take a day off for yourself

Do it!

The world will not come to an end!

BTW you just have one life!

You better live it well!

He has not promised about sending anyone twice!

Have a good Day!

Love yourself the most!



Cherish every breath!

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Ramadan Fervour

 The joy of Ramadan is surreal in my beautiful city, Hyderabad. Everything comes alive after 7😃. Once the fast is broken, it becomes hustling, bustling and vibrant. The day has its own charm. All the carts lined with fruits, and different types of veggies waiting patiently to be bought by others. Towards the evening it comes alive with a new vibrancy. The houses were a buzzing energy, each getting ready to break their fast with snacks. The dahi wada, fruits, juices, the pakodas, fruit chaat, sandwiches, spring rolls. Each one varies abd alternates it. After dinner or after iftar all the tea haunts are haunted till dawn😃😃. Hyderabad can be renamed as “The Chai City” too. The energy is pulsating. Haleem the most desired during Ramadan by people from every walk of life. Haleem unites all other than Chai. Hyderabad’s famous bangle market situated in the old city is like a beautiful bride decked in glittering hues. The street has all the bangle carts arranged in regular intervals. A lovely ritual I follow with my close friends every Ramadan. We shop for bangles till we drop for food , literally on the verge of fainting 😆😆. Buying our wears to adorn on Eid with our favourite outfits. The next thing which everyone dies is buying seviyan for the dessert made specially on Eid, called Sheer khurma. The shops boast of different kind of bangle sets. The food joints are roaring with energy. Kababs, Biryani and Haleem doing the rounds. Being summer, Lassi is also a cold special rather than a hot one😆. My beautiful city makes me forget my birth city Kuwait, which I miss a lot. The aura is surreal! Seeing is believing! Experiencing it, is even better!

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Aanya’s Fate

There was the sound of loud singing and dancing coming till the gates of Raichur Villa. The festivities were in full swing. The darling of the family was getting married. Aanya the youngest in four siblings was getting married to a boy from a very distinguished family. The haldi was to start in a day. The Pre- Wedding festivities were in full swing. The sangeet practice, the Dholki, so many functions lined up. Her aunts, uncles, cousins from all over the globe had come down for the wedding. There was so much joy in the air along with Love. 

Aanya looked beautiful in a lemon and cream Anarkali, adorning simple jewellery, she looked like a bride to be. Her glow was natural. The inner radiance of a person in love. She was ecstatic. She had met Mihir a year ago, the match was brought about by her aunt. It was a perfect one. The year had flown by, now it was time for her wedding. She was happy yet sad that she would leave her loving family. Not letting that thought sit, Aanya got busy. After that she had no time to think. There was a lot of singing, dancing, joyous moments.
The house was being decorated for the haldi tomorrow. 
The house was silent now. It was quiet. Tomorrow it would be bustling again. With this last thought Aanya fell into a deep slumber of peace. 

Would her peaceful slumber last long?
Find out in the sequel to follow.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

World Poetry Day

You taught me to smile😊
In the blossoming pink hues 
A new saga of life was written 

 Dania was lost in the tragedy of her life. The loss of her dear dad was too much for her to bear. All the seasons of life had been replaced only by the “Season of Sorrow”. Many seasons of “ Spring” had just gone by. She lost count. Lost so much in the world made by her. No space for anything. Then one beautiful spring. It all changed for her. 

They were celebrating world poetry day. She was asked to come and just listen. For once she felt excited. Looking forward to something after decades. As the evening passed, her sorrow grew less. After decades she was hearing her favourite erstwhile poets being read so beautifully. 

That night she truly smiled after ages. She felt invigorated. A small smile graced her lips. Her eyes got back a little shine. 

That night her diary was opened again after decades. Her first piece was an ode to “ Poetry”. 

There was no turning  back after that. The journey with poetry grew and blossomed just like the most exquisite spring.

Blooms and Blossoms calling to all!

Many found inspiration in her pieces. Many found the story of their misery being resounded. Some found a new motivation for their journey! 

Each had something to take home  from her heartfelt piece!

She owed it all to Poetry!

How could she not write a beautiful heartfelt piece of Gratitude for her dearest !

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Monday Motivation

 The joy of another beautiful day comes to greet you anew! 

The joy of being able to be up and about and breathe in the essence of a beautiful day!

Simply being alive! 

The most precious gift!

The most precious moment, is to be able to bask in it!

A child who could smile after being in the rubble for almost a day, is something which left me with a lasting impression. 

What a beautiful lesson!

Every dawn when you wake up to witness it, remember one more day has been leased to you in your journey of life!

What tomorrow brings , we know not!

Whether we see another tomorrow, we know not!

So what do you have, this beautiful moment, this day!

Make the most of it!

Have a blessed Monday and a beautiful week ahead!

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Bliss is with Coffee

 Those beautiful quiet moments on a relaxed Sunday morning is heavenly. I sit with my two favourites undisturbed. My coffee and my thoughts!

My third favourite is missed today, my yoga. I just love spending quality time with my two favourites. The first sip of coffee is beyond describable! As I sit penning my thoughts, it’s beyond perfect!

Just before I plunge into the chores, these few blissful moments take me to a new high!

Life is measured by these moments, where we truly love and live doing what we like the most!

Time is what is not promised in our journey of life!

So make the most of it!

Have a blessed Sunday folks!

Do not forget to smile!

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Just 45 Seconds

 Just 45 seconds it took to change their entire lives! 

A millionaire who lost his all!

A mother who lost her babies!

A child who lost his parents!

These are none but earthquake victims who lost their all.

Their houses, their lives, their loved ones, their belongings!

Left to relocate in their own country.

Just think 45 seconds ago they were planning their next day. Some one must be looking forward to celebrating their birthday. Some might be planning what to cook next day. Some children must be anxious about their class tests. Some just liking forward to the week ahead of the weekend. 

They had made plans just like you or me. Who knows what your life is going to be in a matter of seconds. This is the time to think! Let go of grievances, hurt, your misunderstandings!

Make each moment count. Do the best you can. You don’t know whether you’ll have the opportunity to do something again or no. 

Thinking of all the children who have been saved from the rubble. Lying on the debris! Miraculously alive!

A new life of uncertainty. Some have lost their parents. So have been displaced. Yet some have come out with smiles. 

The being held dearly that they will still be looked after. 

Learn to look after what you have been gifted. Your being, your soul, your spirit. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Dark Days

 It was a dark lonely night. Alone with her thoughts. She had thought it would be enough. What did she know loneliness would be as piercing as daggers. What would assuage her feeling of guilt? Always made to think she had done nothing right. What was right? What was wrong? Why was only that in question. For no fault of hers too, she had been left to bleed till she was dry. The emotional wounds, the bleeding scars, so much to camouflage. 

The stormy night of emotional turmoil, gave her a new strength. She closed her eyes and thought of the inner child which needed healing. Her soft deep breaths were a balm. She learnt that night, she had the power to make mistakes. That’s what had made her human. The soft words of the book were a balm. The journal which lay open had a will of their own. The saga of hurt unfolded. She had never felt lighter. The storm grew quiet. There was a sparkling newness in dawn. Had she also been gifted a new dawn? She smiled as she liked up at the rays of dawn. So beautifully clean and new everything looked around her. 

She had conquered the darkness! 

There would only ne light around her. 

Kia had survived the war! 

War of darkness had finally ben won by the spirit of light!

Light had wiped the darkness clear! 

Kia had finally learnt, she would never let darkness rule over her again. 

She had come to err. 

She would Err and learn to accept her flaws!

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The month of Love

 Hello February! May this month be the best version of self love hues! May the optimism rule high. Positivity in abundance.

The month of love, it was called. What love can be more powerful than self love. The love we give to others, if even half of it we dedicate it to ourselves, how powerful would our being be. Food for thought! 

Why not romanticise self love. Why not take yourself on a date. Buy flowers and chocolates for yourself. Do you just need one day in the year to proclaim self love? 

Why wait for some other being to do what you should be doing for yourself all along. 

The power of self love,

I adorn myself in shades of crimson joy,

My sparkling gem sitting majestically 

on my adorned finger,

The flowers scent their joy all around,

I nibble on chocolates,

Bought for thee!

Oh my dear being,

I love you the most!

The power of love has always been one of its kind. The power of love now for my self, I find it most reassuring!

Why not light those candles for yourself. A romantic candlelit dinner where your being feels the warmth of self love. Never wait to live yourself. Each moment is precious!

Make the most of it!

Life and moment is short. The joy of being here lined with the light of love! Make it strong! Make it powerful!

Have a blessed love hue month!

The power of love, let it encompass your self!

Thursday, January 19, 2023

The one who left us too soon

 Today I would like the world to know the man who left the world too soon. My dear dad, a man of resilience founded by pillars of honesty and integrity! He was the life of the party, king of hearts! He ruled the hearts with his humour, compassion and softness. I would like to call him” The gentle giant”. He worked hard to make a beautiful abode for us. He worked graveyard shifts too. I still remember there were days when I didn’t see him at night. He was always true to his word. He would tuck  us into bed and read . My habit of reading was inculcated by him. The love for cricket was instilled in me at a young age. He had a cricket team which he would play for , accompanying him, I learnt to be the audience. Cheering him and learning the game. 

My childhood was spent in his loving arms. My only regret is he was taken too soon  from us. He left us on 23 rd January in the wee hours. The final goodbye was sudden. None of us by his side. We never knew that was the final farewell. 

No matter what time we had with him, it was the best. Embedded , imprinted on our souls. 

I always wonder what joyous moments we would have spent in his midst. Travelling, reading and seeing the world together. I know he would have been the proudest of my poetic journey today.

I alway know deep down that he’s watching me from far above, from the sky’s of heaven , a heavenly star watches me and guides me ever!

My father was the favourite wherever he went. He left people in giggles, smiles and laughter. A man who tolerated no lies and deceit. He raised his voice against injustice. Extremely compassionate, humane and kind. 

An excellent doting father, who always had time for his children even with his busy schedule.

After he left us, we heard only praises for him.

My favourite one shall always be” What a man he was”

Truly he was one of a kind.

His love for desserts was inherited by all of us 😃.

So much to say, yet the words stay lost,

Oh dear dad!

The best was yet to come,

You were called away to play 

the grand finale with the best,

The creator summoned you,

To light his joyous abode,

Your laughter resonates there,

Making the angels smile in glee.

My dear dad you are always in my heart. 

In every breath,

In every moment!  

You have my heart forever!

The man who stole my heart forever!

My dear dad 🥰🥰🥰

Monday, January 16, 2023

Magic within misty mornings

 The morning was Misty and dewy. Kia woke up feeling dreamy. The essence of life was it found in the dreamy white landscape surrounded by your loved ones. 

It was so good to be home. Christmas morning filled with the fervour and excitement. The ritual which would be played out after years. They had all flown the nest. Getting back together after almost 2 decades. Kia sat in her balcony. Looking at the pristine white landscape. Her coffee mug in her hand. She loved the flavour. It had the flavour of the bygone. The one she had loved the most. It tasted of undulated love. How she missed those beautiful days. Days filled with love. How life had just changed one dawn. Where had that carefree Kia gone? She was never found again. Lost in the journey. Today she found a tiny part of her again. 

She loved the yellow flowers left by her cousins. They knew she liked her coffee and loved to have fresh flowers sitting by her bedside table. 

She could already  hear the excited. The grand Christmas lunch. 

She got dressed and came down in time for her Christmas lunch. Dressed in red. After a long time she could feel true happiness. 

They sat by the Christmas tree, singing the carols at the top of her voice. 

Then followed by their favourite dishes. It was all quiet now. The shadows playing at the windows. She looked at the fireplace. The red glowing embers speaking to her.

What would life hold? Wondered she.

It was time to join in the festivities. Tomorrow morning they were flying out to a beautiful Greek island. 

It was a destination wedding.

Tonight was the big celebratory dinner.

She was going up to her room to get ready for dinner. 

As she was going, she heard her grandfather calling out to her. 

She hurriedly went to his room. He smiled and said “ You didn’t take your Christmas gift”

He held a small velvet box. She opened it and found the most beautiful ring set in Pink diamond. 

She loved it. She hugged her grandfather tightly.

There are tears in his eyes. He said” Kia ! I want to see you married before I leave for my final journey. Will I get to attend your wedding”

She just mumbled something. In her room, she stood in pensive silence. How to tell her grandfather that she had sworn not to get married. She had no place for love in her life! She was done with it. 

She saw his face yet again, the chapter of pain he had written, was etched for a lifetime. 

Sunday, January 15, 2023


 The note of appreciation which countless times you have longed to have received from others. A simple heartfelt line filled with gratitude . So much we long to hear from others . Have you ever wondered, that your beautiful being too desires the same from you.

The numerous lines of criticism, the phrases of judgement you received instead, what did they do to you? They just left a sour taste for a long time. The same happened to your being when you sent it all back to it.

How many times have you sincerely sat and wrote a love note to your self. Simple praise of well doing. The joy of being grateful to it. How many times have we ever been thankful or grateful to it. We have just been unleashing all our negativity , anger towards the faultless one.

When your body reciprocates in the form of Illnesses, then you sit up and take notice of it. 

How many times has it sincerely stood by you. Holding you in its midst. Loving you unconditionally. Honouring you, respecting you. Loving you sincerely. 

Make it a habit to pen down a love note to yourself each morning. Write something beautiful to your being. Honour each part. Then see the difference. 

Each morning during the yoga practice, we make it a habit to send out affirmations to each part . Holding one part of the body in our meditation. For years I have not even ever thought of acknowledging or thanking it. 

When consciously I have started doing this. I feel like I am valuing, cherishing, honouring and respecting it heartfelt gratitude. 

Learn to love yourself the best!

You will find a beautiful being waiting to be uncovered just by you, only for you. The most loyal, sincere and affectionate one!

Write a love note for your being. End of the month honour and see what you have written . You will be amazed to find so much which you had never thought of. 

Keep the faith!

Keep smiling! 

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Dewy Morning

 Woke up to a glorious dewy Misty morning. Laden with Pearl like rain drops. Dropping like star studded lanterns on tree tops. Nature you are the most beautiful in the morning. So serene, so untouched, so calming. 

Lost in the morning,

I sit penning my thoughts,

My coffee silently sitting by my side,

My diary opened wide,

What do I write for this beautiful dawn?

Woke up with gratitude to see this beautiful day. What shall be giving me this beautiful day? What do I hope?

Beautifully radiant in colours of nature. It stands sparking with brand new hope for each.

Being alive is a celebration needing to be celebrated every single day. You woke up, saw another dawn. Listened to the sounds of nature. Paint your aspirations on the horizon. Colour it bright. 

Let each shade speak for itself. 

My breath, I pay ode to you each dawn. You stand by me in Earnest and keep me going.

 Such a beautiful morning. I just long time be lost in you. It’s so unlike for January to have a spell of rain. Yet it has come. Looking beautifully sparkling.

Have a beautiful day lovelies!

Wednesday, January 4, 2023


 At birth judged, for being born a girl. 

As she grew up repeatedly judged for not being good enough. In the shackles of age old traditions and clutches of conditioning, she tried making a place for herself. Just when she thought finally achieved it. A set of new expectations took shape by becoming a bride. Then the journey of her new battle started. 

When is a woman ever given her true identity. Curbed in various chains of survival. As a daughter, mother, wife. Sister and daughter in law. When is she ever given the freedom to breathe freely. 

When she carves a niche for herself. It’s shunned. 

Being a woman is just to be judged time and again. To always adhere to other’s expectations of you. To bow your head down in consent every single time.


When I come across different women from different walks of life. I see nothing different. Each is still battling to make that place for themselves. 

Some fight their own

Some fight the unknown,

All meet at the battlefield,

Wearing the armour of survival,

Looking at each other,

They find the strength to combat it together!

Alas! The battle is tough!

The day a woman will be confident in her skin. 

In her belief, 

In the power of “ Her”

Then the world shall see a new awakening!

When she shall be strong in the armour of education which she will adorn herself in,

That’s when the new dawn shall smile newly for her!

Thinking that a woman needs to be conditioned,

Is the age old method of taming,

Like it was known “ Taming the shrew”

She does not need taming. She needs recognition. She needs acceptance, she needs appreciation, she needs compassion, she needs love. She needs to know that in the journey of mankind, her role is the strongest.

Don’t relegate her to just dishing out food, cooking and just running a household. Along with that recognise her as a human being . A gifted one, who has come to mark a space and a special one. 

These skills are good for survival. But do not end with doing just that.

Empower your daughters with the skills and first and foremost education. 

Teach them that they matter the most.

Learn to teach them to be confident, comfortable in their skin. Love themselves the most. 

They judged me by the  shade of skin,

I wore,

In confidence I looked up,

Exclaimed wholeheartedly,

I love it,

Its my unique shade,

Gifted to me by the,


Who sculpted such master pieces,

In all of us walking the planet,

In unison he had hoped!

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...