Friday, December 16, 2022

Reliving the Moment

 It was such an eventful day. Slightly exhausting. The feeling of exhilaration was so energising. They came back after the shopping. All went on to freshen up before dinner. This was the night they usually decorated the Christmas tree together. Kia came and fell into a deep slumber. She woke up with a start. She ran a hot bath. Soaked her tired limbs, tired spirit. Hoping to r come out rejuvenated. After sometime she came out of her bath. Started getting dressed for the evening ahead. It had been decades since all of them had gathered. It felt so good to be back together. The time seed of delight which had been dead for awhile started growing again. 

She got dressed in a beautiful peach knit dress. It lovingly caressed her each curve. Her complexion looked radiant. Her dewy face spoke of joy. She wore tiny diamond Pearl ear rings. A gift from her dear grandma . She came down to excited chatter and laughter. Truly the house had come alive. 

She stood at the last rail looking at the joyous scene. So wishing her dear dad was one amongst them. This was the first time she came after her father’s unexpected demise. Life always readily took from her. So often forgetting to replace what was taken from her.

Today she would just live the moment. It was an enjoyable evening. After dinner they all sat around the Christmas tree. Decorations were under way. 

Midnight ritual of hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies were again relived. Thanks to her dear grandma. 

It was 2 AM when they finally went to sleep. Tomorrow was the engagement. The wedding festivities to begin. 

Lots of excitement in store in the coming week for Kia. 

Stay tuned!

Do you think kia will finally find the love of her life?

Want to know more?

Watch this space for more excitement to unfold!

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  1. I am looking forward to reading more of your excellent pennings.


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