Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Reflections I see and smile

 She sat by the cozy hearth and reflected on the bygones. Her warm coffee mug, her best solace during winter. So many had left her in her journey. She knew not now what is truly left. What is taken away? 

She sat reflecting of all that she had lost. Today she still sat with a warm cozy heart thanking the creator. She was immensely grateful to him for blessing her with the most prized gift of all, her writing. 

He never said the journey might be easy, What he had promised was of being with her always. That the creator always did.

Kia believed that there would always be a beautiful smiling dawn awaiting for her, and it did.

Her journey so far had been tiring. She had come to her ancestral family home. They had all gathered for the grand celebration of her grandfather’s 90 th Birthday. 

Lots of celebrations lined up. Her cousin’s engagement and her youngest brother’s wedding. 

She sat in her favourite place, the den reliving the past. 

Times like this when she had sat with her dad. Laughing, playing or just reading.

Today the quiet evening once more reminded her of him.

Life had just gone by. She had tossed herself in work.

Forgetting herself. Today she just wanted the quiet and solace of this beautiful place. 

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