Saturday, December 31, 2022

End of the year

 So much left unsaid,

So many lost,

I bid farewell to thee,

I know not which whole of mine,

The broken of mine!

Some emotions withered forever,

Some hoping to blossom,

The year gone by,

I sign it with  gratitude,


Shall be shall be!

The year gone by was a mixed bag of emotions. I know not what I want to hold tight and what I want to let go. I am glad for all the beautiful moments I spent in the company of family and friends. There were some sorrowed moments when I lost my few dear ones. Is not life meant to have a dash of sadness as well? 

I hate to sound cliché but life does have  multiple sides to it, not just 2. Life came with different facades. Which was the truest one?

Which kept you going? So many things to be grateful for, so many  things signed with the ink of gratitude 🙏. 

Joy is flighty, love is mostly unreliable, untrusting, mostly breakable.

Love for yourself is something which will always be special and stay the longest!

Love yourself is the motto to better living!

Weave your being with threads of kindness, humility, compassion and gratitude 🙏.

Let go of what does not serve your purpose anymore. 

Keep the soul blossoming! 

Keep your being nourished with self love!

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