Monday, November 28, 2022

Ode to Gratitude

Being grateful at all times. Sounds so easy but in reality the hardest to practice. How many times have we consciously thanked the almighty for all the numerous blessings? How many times have we sat and conversed with him? Poured our hearts out in thankfulness! Only when we have grievances or are hurt, se sit complaining. Yet he listens to us whole heartedly. 

So much given to us. When we sit and pay gratitude to all. We will be bestowed with more and more. He has sent us believing , we will do our best. Then are we doing that?

I love this months. Month of thanksgiving, Time to be thankful. Staying grateful at all times.

I enjoy the warmth of a fireplace. Sitting by it with my coffee . I’m grateful for the weather, even if it’s winter. Even winter comes with its own beauty. Snowy mountains, white pristine landscapes. Shopping for Christmas. Looking towards the new year. Do we send gratitude to the bygones. Whether joyous or not so joyous?

Every phrase of life is like Santa Claus. Bringing good tidings. Sometimes when Santa is absent . They could be certain amount of trials . Yet they make us strong. 

Resilience is important to bring out the perfection in you. Perfection for yourself. Perfection where you emerge as the best version of yourself!

Learn to always pay ode to gratitude. Whatever time of the day, any moment! 
It’s always perfect to pay ode to gratitude!

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Slave to Prejudice

 Decades of shackled emotions long to be unshackled. Will they ever feel the freeing breath of freedom. Has woman always been judged at the altar of freedom? Will she only emerge a winner if she stays shackled. Learn the lesson of sacrifice, honours it and excels it.

Living the life of her own choice and freedom, will it still be taboo. How is she honoured? Where is the respect she deserves. In the 21 st century she, is still a victim of domestic abuse. Still assaulted. Still fighting for her freedom . Still fighting for her place. What she ever gets  is criticism and unsolicited judgement ? Will she never be honoured for what she carries deep within?

Will not her being be respected? She has come to carve a niche. Then will she ever be given a chance to show that. She burns deep within. The trail of burning misery scorching her. Will she be able to come out unscathed from the fiery trail of criticism?

Why is she only deemed fit if she wears the armour of sacrifice and stays in it till her last breath. Does she not deserve to laugh uninhibited? Has she only come to be sacrificed repeatedly. To sacrifice her joy to bring smiles on others rigid demeanours. 

Why not a woman who dons multiple roles, is honoured for each? Why is she judged for one, criticised for another?

So much still unanswered, 

So much still fought for,

Wonder when she’ll see the dawn of new thought,

Devoid of prejudice!

Thursday, November 17, 2022


 In the journey of life, what is constant is surprisingly change. To think of it we are all the time changing. Like the seasons our life sees a new us every single time. We are evolving. The only difference is we do not realise it. 

It’s beautiful to sit and introspect. The other day I was sitting with my gratitude journaling. So many things earlier which I never realised came to my attention.

My likes , dislikes, my hobbies , even my food taste has all actually gone through a lot of change. It was actually very interesting to acknowledge it. 

So many hopes and things I would like to do now. 

Teach a hobby class

Be more connected to nature 

Learn some skill

Work on my passion for reading and writing 

Introspect more 

Travel more 

Be more connected to my loved ones 

Live in the moment.

Do what I most want to do

Explore my inner self 

Spread the cheer 

Be joyous 

Kindness a quint essential 

Join more webinars , classes to explore my inner self. 

Look forward to the journey ahead.

Let go of the past.

The bygones are a forgotten chapter

Connect with colours.

Practice gratitude at all time.

Keep the faith on. 

Hope to see my dreams come true.

To be more peaceful.

Monday, November 14, 2022


 The joy of the start of a wedding in the family. The closeness of the relations coming to light in the beautiful Pre—wedding festivities. The joy of shopping, the designing of clothes. The excitement starts much ahead. The golden moments down together  with the thread of celebration. The reunion of cousins. Staying up late. Catching up with each other over endless cups of coffees. Late night drives hunting for a chai joint. Standing outside each other’s houses and chatting till the wee hours without realising how time’s flying. The beauty of the moment truly understood long after its over. 

The union of two beautiful souls and the reunion of the connected souls. What an occasion if truly is! There was a time when we attended our cousins weddings. Not it’s the next generation . Nieces and nephews, feel immensely blessed to be able to celebrate this joyous occasion. 

The last minute running to the tailors. Invariably something missing. Suddenly reminded to buy last minute things. In between catching up over dessert. Missed lunches, late brunches and not to forget the parlour appointments. The joy of a wedding truly is class apart!

The practice sessions of friends for their dances. The songs sang during the weddings over dhol. The teasing repartee! The tuneless songs sang with joy! 

Yet they hold the tune of love ❤️. My dearest niece’s wedding was such a fun filled event. My dearest cousin so lovingly took care of all of us like she always did. 

A truly joyous affair! Wishing the newly weds all the love. May they be blessed always!

After ages our family came together for the most joyous , fun filled event! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Path to blissful existence

 Pathway to bliss is rendered with the emotional left overs to be forgotten as you move ahead. Blissful existence is all in our mind. Our thoughts render the path with blossoming thoughts of positivity. To live in positivity you have to be accepting of what has been handed over. Every day is not the same. No moment will be rewarded twice. Each day will have something beautiful hidden in its midst . You have to be patient enough to discover it and unwrap it lovingly.
I always felt life is a beautiful gift wrapped in different shades of paper. Some look desirable, some not so much. The gift waiting to be unwrapped is what the gist it. In your efforts to joyous living, keep moving in accordance to the vibes of life. 
If each day was same, how monotonous and mundane our life would be in reality. Same shade each morning, how colourless would our life be. Learn to appreciate each emotion of life, they add colour to the fabric of life.

Every sentiment and emotion has a purpose. Live it in every feel of it. Let it be felt with every fibre of your being. Life is to be savoured and tasted in all its flavours. Do not let any one rule it for long.

Keep the faith and sweetness alive. 
Feel blessed at all times. 
Love yourself the most 😊

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Hello November

 Woke up to a beautiful morning . A morning which called out to you lazily. Forcing you to turn your alarm off and sleep a bit longer. Wish it was a no agenda day. An ideal day to spend it lazily doing absolutely nothing 😃😃. Ideal to walk down the street munching your favourite breakfast , sipping on piping hot coffee ☕️. 

The sun is still absent. Lazy to shine. Perfect to read a book and spend some time outdoors. 

Welcome dear November . 

It’s truly a lazy start . Ideal to just do nothing 😃.

Alas! Wish it was Sunday today!

Nevertheless, the month of gratitude. Gratitude for a beautiful day. You make us consciously practice thanks giving. Let’s start by thanking for being alive. To celebrate the event called life!


Stay positive!

Have faith!

The best is yet to come!

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