Saturday, October 29, 2022

Be Present

 Every day you breathe is a beautiful gift of living. Be Present! Life is a series of little miracles. Be aware of each breath you take. Send gratitude for all the gifts you have received. There is a lot in life to be grateful for. 

Start the month on a positive note. Think of all that you have accomplished so far. Let go of what you could not. Intend for the best always. Send out your heartfelt wishes and gratitude to the universe. See your dreams coming true. 
Be kind always. Each is fighting a battle unknown. Respect yourself, love yourself. What you have done so far is amazing, what you shall do will also be more than amazing. 

Hold the thread of gratitude,
Weave it with the golden thread of positivity,
Silver of kindness,
Yellow of brightness,
Orange of cheerfulness,
Green of peace,
Pink of joy,
Red of love,
Blue of humility,
Adorn it in the tapestry of life,
Blend it in the garment of life!

Keep the faith on. Stay blessed. Stay smiling .
Don’t forget to love yourselves beautiful souls!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Blissful Morning

The golden positivity of morning makes you believe yet again of a new day with the promise of new aspirations. Let the Hope be alive!

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. The opportunity to do something new always greets you with a smile. Let your being be open to receiving and embracing the “ New”.

Every ray of sunshine teaches us the numerous things which are still waiting out there to be achieved . 

The brilliance and the aura of a new day always ready to fill your being wholeheartedly. 

Open yourself to the universe!

Intend for the best to happen! It shall!


The power of belief is tremendous. Send gratitude in abundance.

Practising gratitude opens new pathways of newer blessings and opportunities.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

World Mental Health Day

Time to awaken to the need of being compassionate towards the ones suffering from this. There is never enough being done. There is always the need to do more towards honouring and respecting the ones who are consciously seeking help.

There is a lot of stigma attached to it. There is denial associated with it immensely. Unfortunately so many times the call for help goes unanswered. How casually depression is treated. 

Sometimes it’s too late. After we have lost them, we realise the mistake. Depression kills the person slowly. It’s a slow poison which spreads its roots tenaciously until it makes the person succumb to its vileness. 

Traumas are real so are disorders. How many times have you seen grown individuals weeping like children unable to look for anything positive or joyous.

We hardly realise for individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, even to sleep is a challenge. They are afraid to be alone with themselves. Young lives out of fear have snuffed their own lives. When hope is lost, all is lost. There are various reasons for the imbalanced state of mind. What helps is immense love and compassion.

1)Loss of a loved one


3) Genetic make up

4) OCD

5) Low self esteem 

6) Excessive criticism 

How many times as parents we think, we are doing an excellent job by being critical with them. Have you ever wondered, that they have you as their closest buddy rather than a critique. Healthy criticism is good for them. Do not cross the line. Be extremely cautious about being within the means. 

One wrong word can be carried for lifetime by your child. 

Be compassionate even if your child does not meet the high standards you have set for him or her. Remember they are born at a different time. They do not have to fit into the mould set by you. 

Each has been born with a unique trait. Each has come for a purpose known best by the creator. 

We are here to help each other, care for each other . 

Tread the path of life with compassion, kindness and humility. 

Spreading awareness and championing Mental Health awareness should be our requisite and responsibility.

Do not be shy to seek for help.

You deserve to live this gift beautifully.

There’s nothing wrong in seeking help.

Find a good support group.

Good friends who will be your support in time of need.

Do not forget you are beautiful, strong, awesome, brave, courageous. You are simply the best!

You can do it!

Yes you can!

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Memories with my Dad

 Memories reawakened and relived once again. My dear dad’s favourite dessert. He used to relish it every single time he had. After a long time, lovingly made by my dear aunt, we were nostalgic once again.

In the journey of life, all the memories , moments are captured in the frame of life. Each beautiful moment sometimes stays forever etched in the treasure trove of memories. 

What is left is usually all that we have lived for in its truest glory.

Some moments are not redefined and relived. 

How few things stay on in the journey of life,

Some lost till Eternity,

Yet gratitude 🙏 always.

What is willed and destined,

Knows not!

What we envisage is,

How best we honour it.

We long for so much  to stay!

Yet some stay with us for a certain time.

Make the most of it till we have them in our midst!

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