Friday, September 30, 2022


The spirit of October brings a fiesta essence. The month where the new takes root. There’s something warm and cozy about October. I always envisage chilly evenings . Sitting by the fireplace cradling your warm coffee mug and looking at the flames in deep introspection. 
What does it say to you?
This time I do seek for the same warmth but from the universe. Envisaging to spread the aura of gratitude 🙏. To bask consciously in its warm embrace. I long to be enveloped and hugged by it. To feel it sinking deep within me. To fill my being with its vibe. 
In the journey of life, so much is lost, so much is found. Yet truly what stays behind in each’s thoughts? 
I know not what is still to be discovered, hoping for the best always.
This time let’s join together to consciously be thankful and grateful for every single moment.
Nothing is promised twice in life!



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