Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Memories Barrage

 Kiera woke up unsettled after a long time. The pain had come back last night  after almost a decade. Life had a funny way of taking you back again and again towards pain. Just when she had learnt to forget it all. It was staring at her again.

She still remembered that beautiful evening at the cocktail dinner of her cousin’s friend. They had all been close. They had all been invited. Azar had just come in . He was the bride’s cousin. They had been introduced. Later she came to know he had been her senior at school. 

They spoke quite a bit that night. Next day there was the rehearsal dinner followed by dance. The evening had turned out beautifully. They had already become quite comfortable with each other. Next day at the wedding they were trying to look for an opportunity to be together. There were a lot of guests and they both got busy. 

Suddenly the wedding had come to an end. There was one last function. There was a day’s gap then reception. All of them planned to go for out a picnic and sight seeing. 

Keira and Azar were inseparable. In the reception they both confessed to loving each other. Azar was going back to U.K after a week. That week they spent every waking moment with each other. Azar had even gifted her a beautiful pink topaz ring . The bond  had been sealed. 

Few months they were still crazy about each other. Slowly Keira felt that Azar was tensed on the calls. Then suddenly for few weeks he was totally uncommunicative. She had left so many messages. So many unanswered calls.

Until one day Keira almost stopped breathing. Her cousin casually told her Azar had been engaged to his cousin. His mother had been adamant. 

What had hurt Keira was that Azar did not even have the courtesy to inform her. Something had broken within Keira that day. The promise of forever, you are my only one, so shallow and hollow.

She had been a mess. Slowly she picked her self together. Just as she was coming terms to it. She suddenly lost her father.

She was burdened with responsibilities. Taking charge of everyone. Her mother, younger siblings. Life had just passed. Today they were all settled. Keira had finally learnt to be happy until 2 days ago when Azar again came right in front of her.

Why did she have to go through pain repeatedly?

Why couldn’t it hit her once and for all and be done?

Why keep raking her pain? 

Why did she have to burn her soul  by walking on hot glowing coals of disappointment?


Why couldn’t sadness for once leave her alone?

Suddenly her phone rang.

It was her friends. She wiped her tears.

Spoke to them and decided that this time she would not give in to pain whatsoever.

She decided to put it all behind her.

She looked out of the window and found a cute little market being set up of handmade goodies.

As a child she would love going to these markets and buying cute little dolls and tea pots. Today the child in her wanted to relive it once again.

She decided to get ready and visit that cute little market there.

Her smile in place . She jumped into the shower.

Keira took pains with her make up. She wore a bright pink flowy dress. 

In the mood to conquer it all!

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