Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Living in the moment

 This morning has been my best after a long time. Woke up with positivity. Back on my yoga mat after almost 5 weeks. 

I truly listened to my body this time. I did not push it. Gave it the test it requested for and required. After my viral, I was low on my energy. So many mornings just went by. My earlier self would have been so hard, taunting criticising for missing even one day of practice.

Living truly in the moment finally understood and put into practice.

Immense gratitude to another day of being alive and healthy.

Gratitude for having the energy to do my yoga practice.

Immense gratitude to my wonderful yoga instructor for helping me to practice my session.

Joy for the simple things in life.

The joy of breathing freely and connecting to my inner self in meditation is priceless.

Joyous to be back on my yoga mat.

Have a blessed day ahead lovelies.

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