Monday, September 26, 2022

Lessons by the Waves

 Last evening as I sat by the waves in contemplative silence hearing their lashing tides, it was purely therapeutic. Making my dreams on the sands , I realised repeatedly how the tides washed away all every single time. Again leaving it all clean and clear to start afresh.

How similar was our life and experiences. We move, we listen to the chaos and try making something anew. Looking at the different coloured sky scape painted so exquisitely in the shades of dusk, I realised how each shade spoke something new to me. 

I sat by the beach lost in my thoughts listening to the sounds of time. So much came back, so much stayed , so much was washed away.

How I wish my heart at times was like the shore. Cleaning up all and leaving just a fresh one ready to gather new memories deep within its fold!

In that introspective silence definitely grief also visited for sometime. My happy being reusing Riley it sit for long. Like an uninvited  guest, it was quickly made to leave. How I longed for the moment to last. Just like the waves, dusk enveloped me soon.

Watching the glistening shore from afar and hearing the waves coming back every single time with more zest, I learnt the power of true resilience!

Empower your being, your thoughts and your self to fight against each crashing wave of emotion.

Grief numbs but positivity, kindness and compassion the combined trio always keeps the smile in place!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

By the beach hoping to learn some more new lessons!

Keep the faith on!

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