Thursday, September 1, 2022

Hello Beautiful September

 September does hold a dear place in my life and heart. Of course! It has to be. My birthday month. I opened my eyes for the first time on 1st  September at the crack of Dawn. 

September ,I always feel is a turn in the season. The road which curves towards better. In some countries called “ Fall”. I always feel it has a deeper meaning in itself there.

The falling of the old,

The drop of the yester,

The joyous beginning of today,

The “ Now” beautifully scented 

in smells of pine!

September the turn of the new leaf 🍁. It also teaches you how each comes with a shelf life. Nature teaches us so beautifully. Time to let go of the past , look forward to the future. 

There’s something beautiful always kept for you. Nature, universe , they all listen, so wish for what your heart desires.

I love September for its beauty,

Because I was brought into the world😄😄.

It makes fall also a learning in our lives!

Do not fear the fall,

For thou shall learn in being humbled!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

May the rusts and the burnished hues, colour your thoughts in a beautiful golden warmth of positivity!

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