Sunday, September 11, 2022

Do not be Hard on yourself

 Each morning we wake up with a lot of expectations from the day ahead. No matter how much we plan abd want to do things, there can be few setbacks. Learn to let go. You do not have to live life on an automated manual. 

You are a breathing beautiful being. Learn to honour and cherish what you have today. If some day your body does  not want to hit the gym, or walk till the park or be attentive on the yoga mat. Let go!

Savour the moment in its truest form. Do not take any moment for granted. What is entitled to you, knows no one. We only realise when its too late. Late to enjoy and taste it fully. 

There are so many who have left the world untimely. Young lives extinguished in no time. How much time we have, we know not. What we only have is the present moment. Love it to its best!

Carve a path filled with the blossoms of positivity, compassion and humility. Savour the fruits of kindness. Plant the tree of life hoping to bear these beautiful fruits of labour. 

Let it be harvested long after you walk the path of life!

We take nothing from this world. Only what we have packed in our tender hearts. What we leave behind a gentle reminder for those who shall miss you after you are gone!

So keep in mind to leave a happy joyous one!

Hail to better fruitful living!

Keep the faith on!

Smile always! 

Have a lovely day ahead!

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