Saturday, September 3, 2022

Coffee under the Birches

 The fragrance of freshly brewing coffee, it’s priceless. Ask a coffee lover and they’ll be swooning . Arezouh loved going to her gran’s place . Her week was usually packed with work. Weekends was where she wanted some quiet moments amidst nature . 

What better place to be but her gran’s beautiful cottage and her gorgeous garden. Her grandparents were the most loving souls. Her gran would make all her favourites. A pro in baking . She just loved the ambience , the aromas wafting out of her sunny lit kitchen. 

These were the simple joys she looked forward to. They were truly priceless. Her specially home made skin cream would be massaged into her face. She would oil her hair lovingly and get nostalgic. 

Life had taught Arezouh a lot of lessons. Her name in Persian met “ Desire”. So many desires yet to be realised . So many hopes, some left unrealised, some buried long ago.

This was where she found true peace. She sat by the garden porch looking at the lush green expanse with bordered colours of positivity in the form of rose buds smiling lovingly at her.

How much had been taken away from her. She had lost her dear dad. Life had felt so colourless then, so devoid of joy! Some loving souls had eased the pain, erased the misery.

Would love also do the same, she wondered quite often!
Guarding her heart like a pitchfork!
She had seen many of her friends torn in love.
Could love ever be truthful and honest ? Wondered she!

Her grandparents were watching her from afar. Dearly wishing that love would conquer it all.

Just then there was a knock at their door.

Had love knocked? 
Had the universe listened to their heartfelt prayer!
Stay tuned for more!

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