Thursday, September 8, 2022

Candle of Hope

 Kiera got up all confused. It was a beautiful morning. The sky looked beautifully stormy. She had nothing lined up today. She wanted to spend a quiet morning with her thoughts, her writing and of course her coffee ☕️ too. She wanted to explore the quiet little homey towns. Sit under the open sky, by the glade. Gazing at the blooms.

Her friends probably would be busy. Just then she remembered Azar. She hesitantly called him. He picked up after rings. Just when she was about to hang up. He answered sleepily. They spoke for sometime. 

He was off too. They agreed to meet at one of the open coffee shops. She got ready . Had a light breakfast. Set out in a touristy mood. She was penning something in her gratitude journal , when she saw him waking towards her. He looked carefree and wind blown. Wearing a soft lemon coloured linen shirt. He looked good . 

They exchanged pleasantries and got busy catching up.

So much had transpired over the years. They never came close to the part where they had been forced to move away from each other. 

It was still painful. The wound raw. Kiera had been broken to bits. It had taken a long time for her to overcome the pain. Who understands the journey of pain and grief? Except the ones who go through it.

The day passed by in a pleasant way. Surprisingly Keira had enjoyed herself. 

They big goodbyes . Keira had a dinner date with her friends.

She wanted to rest a bit before she got ready for the big dinner tonight. Tonight it was a mini reunion. 20 of them were meeting. Keira was excited to see most of them after decades.

She closed her eyes and next she knew the alarm was ringing. She quickly jumped into the shower. Leaving her hair in a messy bun. She got out and go down to doing her make up. She was wearing red tonight. 

Keira was ready just in time. Her friends were waiting in the lobby.

She was greet you whistles. They laughed and hugged each other.

The party was in a beautiful lounge. Live band and the ambience was casual. 

It was the perfect place.

They were dancing to the tunes of yester when she was asked for a slow dance. Azar had come with another friend. They had joined their party . Being a senior from school. He knew most of them.

The thrumming beats being played out reminded her of that beautiful evening, when they had been crazily, hopelessly in love.

Inseparable, how had they separated for decades.

Could life and destiny be responsible jointly?

Wondered she!

Now why again after so many years?

Would she be brave enough to take a second chance?

Suddenly she looked into intense tawny depths? The same wiwad mirrored in that gaze.

Keira felt very hot suddenly. Flushed! She found her friends and ordered a mocktail  for herself.

The night progressed. Suddenly it was time to bid good night.

Keira was quiet on the drive back.

She went upto her room. Promising to meet them again tomorrow.

Why had life been so harsh?

Always so jarring!

She closed her eyes and after decades the tears came back.

Streaming down her face. Paying an ode to her pain once again.

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