Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Moments Matter

 The yawning days of mundanity and boredom!

Ohh God! Shoo them away!

Time to rejoice! Each morning wake up with a smile. Believe that something awesome is in store for you. Beat the Blues! Paint the pinks! Let the softness of green spread the calm. The serene blue keep you restive. 

Inhale the breath of positivity. Practice meditation. Sit watching nature. 

What works for me is my morning session of yoga where I inhale a lot of positivity. After my session, I just sit and watch nature. Specially when it’s a rain kissed morning, it all looks so dewy and fresh. The grime of yester washed away by the sparkling rain. 

Then it’s time for my liquid hug in a mug. My gud’ole cappuccino . My morning liquid motivation in a cup. My essence, my need to start the day with a smile and the sip of my coffee.

These small little things are really the most important in life. A beautiful quote, a short passage on motivational writing, keeps me going.

Lastly I cannot forget my poetry, which keeps me inspired, motivated and teaches me to honour, cherish, respect and love myself better.

Keep the smile on, keep the positive thoughts running.

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