Thursday, June 23, 2022

Blessed Friday


It was truly a beautiful blessed morning. My day started on a note of gratitude. Gratitude for seeing another beautiful, breathtaking morning. The first rays of sun as it was spreading its burnished hues. The joy of breathing. The contentment after my lovely yoga session. The essence of what life is, always brought closer in my yoga session. Gratitude to my yoga teacher for making me look towards my day with positivity. 

Today I just want to dwell on the joy of just being thankful. Thankful for all the blessings. Blessing for being given another lease of life. Blessing to be able to breathe once again without any restrictions. To just be me all over again.

As I sit amidst nature enveloped by its warm hug and my liquid hug( Coffee ☕️😃). I just feel immensely blessed. 

Surrounded by my favourites in the quiet. The solitude calls out to me tenderly . Worded aptly by Wordsworth 

“Once you fall in love with solitude”

“Its Bliss is intoxicating “

The joy of everyday blessings is immense.

Have a lovely blessed day and a beautiful week ahead😊😊

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