Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Moments Matter

 The yawning days of mundanity and boredom!

Ohh God! Shoo them away!

Time to rejoice! Each morning wake up with a smile. Believe that something awesome is in store for you. Beat the Blues! Paint the pinks! Let the softness of green spread the calm. The serene blue keep you restive. 

Inhale the breath of positivity. Practice meditation. Sit watching nature. 

What works for me is my morning session of yoga where I inhale a lot of positivity. After my session, I just sit and watch nature. Specially when it’s a rain kissed morning, it all looks so dewy and fresh. The grime of yester washed away by the sparkling rain. 

Then it’s time for my liquid hug in a mug. My gud’ole cappuccino . My morning liquid motivation in a cup. My essence, my need to start the day with a smile and the sip of my coffee.

These small little things are really the most important in life. A beautiful quote, a short passage on motivational writing, keeps me going.

Lastly I cannot forget my poetry, which keeps me inspired, motivated and teaches me to honour, cherish, respect and love myself better.

Keep the smile on, keep the positive thoughts running.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Blessed Friday


It was truly a beautiful blessed morning. My day started on a note of gratitude. Gratitude for seeing another beautiful, breathtaking morning. The first rays of sun as it was spreading its burnished hues. The joy of breathing. The contentment after my lovely yoga session. The essence of what life is, always brought closer in my yoga session. Gratitude to my yoga teacher for making me look towards my day with positivity. 

Today I just want to dwell on the joy of just being thankful. Thankful for all the blessings. Blessing for being given another lease of life. Blessing to be able to breathe once again without any restrictions. To just be me all over again.

As I sit amidst nature enveloped by its warm hug and my liquid hug( Coffee ☕️😃). I just feel immensely blessed. 

Surrounded by my favourites in the quiet. The solitude calls out to me tenderly . Worded aptly by Wordsworth 

“Once you fall in love with solitude”

“Its Bliss is intoxicating “

The joy of everyday blessings is immense.

Have a lovely blessed day and a beautiful week ahead😊😊

Monday, June 20, 2022

Yoga Day

 21 st June is celebrated as International  🧘‍♀️ Yoga 🧘🏻‍♂️ Day! 

For me every single day is yoga day. My day stands incomplete without yoga. Yoga is a quint essential of my life along with my coffee ☕️. Without both, I am truly lost. Yoga held me dearly when I had to be held. Yoga taught me how to love myself. It taught me how to create a space space for my being. A space where I was honoured, respected and cherished. It taught me the art of living and loving. A lesson in self acceptance.

To learn to live in the moment. To hold that space deep within you. The breath the answer to all chaos within us. 

I would specially like to thank yoga for coming to my rescue when I was battling for life. The art of wholesome breathing which rescued me and taught me again how to honour my stilted breath.

Yoga teaches me to stay grounded by just sitting on the yoga mat . Each morning, I inhale the breath of positivity and compassion. 

I am greatly indebted to my yoga teachers who imarat it so beautifully. Immense gratitude 🙏 and May they be blessed to do more and more. The group energy of a class is so invigorating and inspiring. I would like to make a mention of all those beautiful souls who transversed with my in this journey of yoga. 

My positivity, motivation all gifted by yoga. Yoga took me to the zeniths of joy by teaching me to love myself. 

To do away with negativity and criticism. 

The art of smiling 😊. 

Ohh! Dear Yoga! What a great teacher you truly are!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Biting Loneliness


 Bitten, chewed and spat by loneliness . It let out a broken being. The gift of loneliness. Many a times its a slow poison which spreads through a being. Poisoning each vein, each tissue and each emotion. Each breath taken is a task. They long to unshackle themselves. They want to break free but unfortunately it grips them harder.

At times like this ,they want to seek help but are too weighed down by the judgement and criticism of others. The noise tightens until one day they succumb to it. 

What becomes our duty and priority?

In the crazy race for survival today, are we all running on robotic mindset? Are we too busy to be there for anyone?

Why are they getting more and more lonelier?

In a crowd,

She found herself the loneliest,

When alone she was content!

What had happened to mankind?

Today each in turmoil,

Tumult of chaos,


Why is mankind so disoriented?

So many why’s?

So many unanswered?

Yet is succumbing to the call of suicide?

The only solution!

In the era  of perfection,

Decade of filters,

Has reality been filtered too?


Is “ Fake” the new vogue!

Shallow the new fashionista?


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Rainy Morning

 Woke up to a beautiful, cloudy rain soaked morning. Much needed showers after the gruelling summer we had. Soaking in the morning exhilarating positivity in abundance. A rainy morning takes me back to my school going days . Those colourful raincoats, umbrellas, feeling the rain on our faces. Playing in the rain puddles. Going squishy squashing. The little joys of a rainy morning. How I miss those gud ole days. Making paper boats. Stopping and having dosas on our way back . If not that then we would be treated to hot samosas and bhajiyas. So happy and delighted with our little treats.

O’ those beautiful days . Where thou have you gone? What doth have you left for us today!

Back to the present!

Have a lovely day and a blessed week ahead😊.

Keep smiling!

Monday, June 13, 2022

Beautifully Broken

 She greeted the world with smiles. A smiling heart for all to see. Little did each know, that she cried herself to sleep each night. She woke up teary eyed at dawn. People saw her smiling, laughing. Within the confines of loneliness, the bare walls of her abode saw her weeping. Mental health is a huge issue. Not something to be brushed under the carpet. Many a times people in our midst who look happy could be dealing with intense loneliness. 

Always reach out to people. Text them and find out. Send a loving wish . Wish them a beautiful day. Meet them randomly. Make them feel wanted and loved. Today each is caught up in the snare of dreaded busy. The dreaded term! Gosh! 

How many of us can take out one single day of our lives without being busy. Can you seriously take out one whole day and spend it with people who are close to you. Be a support for the ones who are alone. Each is battling something within themselves. Unfortunately some succumb to it. 

Sleepless nights, holding unaccountable stress, unventilated pain, suppressing emotions. All are various causes for leading to depression. 

What best we can do is reach out to people. 

Make them feel appreciated, wanted , cared for.

Criticism, negativism does no good. 

It pushes the person further into a shell. 

A kind word, random act of kindness goes a long way.

Do not underestimate the value of a kind gesture. 


Be there for people in the best possible way you can.

Let’s do our bit in whichever way possible.

Stay blessed beautiful souls.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Pampering yeah right!

 I woke up very early. Feeling delighted that I had woken up without the alarm. To my utmost disappointment, I realised it was Sunday. I laughed to myself. It always happened with me on a Sunday. Why did I wake up fresh, alert and charged. Huh 🤔. Why on a Sunday morning? Why? For God’s Sake! Dear body clock why do you set the alarm on your own? 

I tried tossing and turning . Trying to stay away from the my mobile. Trying to sleep again. All in vain! Finally I woke up and went about my day. The first message, I received as I checked my WhatsApp was this” Allow yourself a little pampering”. I got tempted. Thinking to myself do I deserve a spa day, a body massage or just a lazy day. Hardly had I thought of it . I got a call from my cook. She called in sick. Promptly on a Sunday. I wanted to scream. 

I hurried into the kitchen. Planning to do some quick cooking. Just then I got a call from my cousins. They were dropping by . I had a feeling they would stay on for lunch. As I was thinking to myself. My mom came excitedly in the kitchen and said” I have asked your aunt and uncle to join us for lunch today”.

I started my kitchen spa. The aromatic fragrance of fried onions healing my turbulent senses, my eyes red and be puffy after the onions attack . The steam from the rice adding a red steamed glow to my complexion which was already hot thanks to the rising temperatures in the kitchen. The tadka added a smoky aroma to my tired being. My hand looked radiantly yellow after the turmeric treatment . What a lovely kitchen spa day I was indeed having. My French manicure taken care by the scrubbing of the pots and pans. 

Finally now as I rest . I think longingly of the spa day which I had so badly wanted.

So much for Sunday rest!

My little pleasures, tiny joys all sacrificed at the altar of vegetables, cooking, scrubbing and cleaning!

Rest in peace ohh dear desires. Your turn will come some day!

Welcome June

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