Friday, May 27, 2022

Treasured Moments

 I wonder at times about being free guiltlessly. Are we so automated today that to enjoy some free time makes you feel guilty about it. Is that how we are conditioned that to enjoy some “Me Time” is not required. When you are young, you should be working . Yes we should be. But don’t our bodies and minds also need some time to assimilate. Why are we so attuned only to work that we reach a burn out. Lose the zest of living . 

Countless times I have come across sullen expressions, joyless beings, people walking around like the dead. Dying before time. Sinking into anxiety. Swimming in the tide of negative emotions and eventually drowning.

Remember you are not here to prove your performance quotient to anyone. Live life the way you want to. Do things which make you joyous. Don’t slip into a rut which takes away the joy of doing small things for yourself too. 

Give yourself the much needed time when it is required. Go out spend time with people who keep the smile on . Buying things for yourself which make you smile from within.

You have come to live life once . Again and again you are not coming back to relive it. 

Live life to the best!

Smile often!

Indulge in what makes you happy.

Life is short!

Don’t let it be clouded by others opinions and judgments!

They don’t matter!

You matter!

Your joy!

Your hopes,


Untold , unspoken , unrealised dreams!

Do not let anyone ever take this from you!

Have a blessed Friday ahead and a beautiful weekend 😊.

Some might understand you readily, some might not after a lifetime. Then do you need to give that kind of time to a person. Think again!

Always question whether what you are giving, is not taking your all. Is it even worth it?.

Think of what you need in the moment! Then go make it happen.

If somedays you want to switch off, switch off from everything.

The ones who don’t value and cherish you leave them in the journey. 

Life is like a station. Some travel short distance with you. Some just come to bade you goodbye and some never really travel with you. They are just there giving you company.

Always think what you need from your journey?

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Positive Energy

 These two words are so hard to muster and even harder to follow and practice. Mostly its so easy to step into depression, wallow in self pity. Remember! You are always doing your best! You are truly the best! Someone else might never have been able to do what you are doing at this point. You are marvellous! Truly one of a kind!

Hold that belief dear! Show the world the power of your smile! The uniqueness that is “ You”. The strength which has sculpted the resilient” You”. The compassionate “ You” which was honed to perfection after countless trials. 

Show the universe the “Positive You” which you have manifested and envisaged. Let the universe take care of it now.

Intend, Wish and then start believing!

Never let a sad moment, a sorrowed thought and a morose  now ruin the beautiful, breathtaking, heartfelt moments waiting for you to live in them. The smiling Sunny positivity of “Tomorrow “.

We are here for a limited time . Not here forever. Make the most of it. Leave your imprint and heart print tenderly all around!

Have a wonderful, blessed week ahead all you beautiful souls out there.

Always remember he’s taking care of you from up there. 

Stay blessed. Stay safe!

Don’t forget your smile😊

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Eid Fervour

 Daria was so excited! After almost 33 years she was enjoying the excitement of going to the Soukh, a night before Eid. The last 2 days had flown in enjoying the delicious spreads of iftar. She had enjoyed meeting all her childhood buddies. Being pampered to the hilt. The feeling was surreal. Her favourite had been going to Kuwait continental plaza for their iftar and dinner spread which was renowned. It had been her all time favourite in Kuwait . A ritual which they had adhered every Ramzan . How she missed her cousins gang. 

The night before Eid her uncle used to take all of them to Farah Shuwarma and then to the Soukh for shopping. Their last minute Eid shopping. They celebrated Eid for 3 days . Dressed to the hilt. They would come back late at night after a satisfied round  of retail therapy. Then they would stop by their favourite ice- cream shoppe and have their cones. How she had missed the flavour of it. She gorged on Galaxy and Mars . It was so beautiful to have relived all this. Eid had been fun . A round of visits to all her friend’s  places. The second day also passed in a flurry of excitement. 

Time for their reunion now. Her Carmel gang were all coming in today. Planned at the Hilton. The next morning brunch at the SAS . All their favourite places.

Today she had come to Salmiya . Enjoying being by herself. Going to the favourite book store where her dad had bought many books for her. It was so peaceful to walk down the street. 

She was back in her childhood. She missed all the people who had been a part of it. 

To making new memories in Kuwait once again.

An encore of memories in Kuwait! 

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