Friday, April 22, 2022

You Matter

 The joy of a girl being born is immense. She’s the pride of her father. The joy of her mother. A favourite of her brothers. A friend and confidante for her sisters. She goes through immense phases in her life. 

Ask the parents the biggest fear. It is what would happen in her next lap of journey. After she is betrothed, married. How many dreams and aspirations the parents weave. So many joyous thoughts they spin throughout her growing up. What happens when its not what they had aspired?

She is a breathing human. Born free. Does she not have a right to break away from the bond, if it mars  her being. Is the ultimate destination of a girl child  just to be married? Time and again I come across cases of girls and women being Ill treated. Yet they still want her to continue. How many are brave enough to stand up for themselves? Is the tag of being married more important or her happiness is paramount.

Why do we not make the girls self reliant, brave, courageous, independent and confident? Are these not important?

If their self respect and self esteem are being manhandled, what next they should be doing? Are these not more important. 

Teach her to hold her head high as she walks the path of life. Teach her not to be dependent on anyone. Teach her its okay to be different, imperfect and flawed. We are all humans . Not some perfect robots who are expected to know everything. Its okay to err. Erring is Human.

Why is a girl expected to donn  multiple roles perfectly? Does she not have a right to be the way she is? 

What is a girl’s ultimate destination? 

To be married and after that nothing more.

Make your daughters happy. Teach them the power of being happy. We are all given one life. Just one lifetime. 

Neither are we born with instruction manuals on how to keep performing exceptionally well. 

Its fine! Its okay to make mistakes. 

Teach her to value herself. Teach her the importance of living herself. Teach her to value her inner being.

A confident, resilient woman will chalk out her own path. 

Educate her. Stand for your daughters. Let not any injustice meet them.

The more faith the woman has in herself, the more battles, she will be able to win.

To all the powerful women and strong mothers. Do not teach your daughters to sacrifice all the time. Do not teach them its okay to be mistreated. It is not okay.

By staying quiet in the face of injustice, you are equally to be blamed. You are as guilty as them. 

Do not teach them to be a victim. Being victimised is not being good. Its being unfair to yourselves.

Teach them that at all times you stand with them. Do not make them feel alone and bereft.

Make them feel loved , appreciated and wanted all the time. 

Do not shun them when they come to you with their problems. 

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