Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Secret Door

 The Secret Door

I took hesitant steps through the dense forest to the old ancestral house. I had seen my parents go there often. They always spoke in whispers about that house. Today I had made up my mind to go there on my own. I was curious about the old wooden door which I was never allowed to open. As I entered the house , it was all eerily quiet. The caretakers were not to be seen. I slowly made my way towards the old wooden door. I could hear faint singing from behind the door. It could not be, thought I. I slowly opened the door. It opened without a sound. As I made my way inside. I was frozen. A little older version of me started out innocently at me. She had such a sweet smile and an angelic face. She was by playing on an instrument and singing to herself. She saw me and halted. She spoke “ So you finally came, didn’t you take too long”. I looked shocked at her. “ How did you know that I would come”?. Suddenly she looked angry and that’s when I got frightened. She said I have waited since 200 years for you to come and take me from here. I turned to flee. That’s when I found myself woken up rudely from my sleep. I had rolled off my bed and hit my head on the nightstand. Thank God! It was a nightmare!

Ohh God! The huge bump on my head laughed at me. 

Thank goodness 😅. It was just a nightmare. 

 © Shireen Haider 

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