Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Ill Fated Afternoon

A short story written beginning with 
“Your character looking from behind a curtain”
Story Prompt writing ✍️ 

It was a beautiful afternoon.
The view outside was breathtaking. The
meadows looked lush and colourful. The
blossoms all dewy after the sudden
downpour. Summer showers left its own
earthy smell. The garden table was
glistening. I was lost looking at the freshly
showered lawn. So enticing. Suddenly a
similar afternoon came to mind. A sudden
blinding flash of memory which left me
jostling. The aftermath of which still had
the power even today to leave me shaken
and reeling. I could feel the sheen of tears.
The dewy mistress felt on my eyelashes.
My eyelids felt heavy. My whole body
drugged. A sudden intoxication left me
heavy. I felt myself transfixed and in a
limbo. How happy I had been! So many
dreams woven, hoping it would come alive.
So many wows taken together. Who had
known that was all I would be awarded.
Just that one afternoon. The next dawn
was the doom of my life. A dawn which had
set the sun forever in my life. You were
taken forever from me. The Ill fated
morning cast a dark shadow on my life
forever. I turned and let the curtain slide
back in its place. The show had ended
forever. The grand finale of life had played
itself. The curtain had fallen forever. The
world a stage. My part I had played to the best.
The taste of coffee ☕️ still tasted bitter sweet on my lips.
Your favourite cake which I had baked for you was the last I had baked. I never baked it again. What joy we had shared. So many dreams woven with the thread of đź’• love. How could you be taken away from me so cruelly. Why had destiny not felt our eternal love and bonding? The touch of your lips on my forehead as you sealed our vows forever. The ring you had placed on my finger still bears the testimony of our love. It feels heavy and forlorn. 
No lustre , No Joy, just a sunken heaviness rests now. 
All found and lost in one afternoon!
No farewell, No goodbyes, Just the promise of a return and a forever was what I had been promised. Alas! What did I know that a “Forever” was just an afternoon.

Shireen Haider

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