Saturday, April 2, 2022



Ramadan has always been my favourite month. The power of the divine felt greatly in this blessed month. Incidentally my birth month too from the urdu calendar. This month it is even more special because last year I did get a second chance at life in this blessed month. I was battling for my life. Almost lost my life. The divine kept me safe . I was born again. In the literal sense! 

This month has always made me realise deeply the power of being thankful. How blessed we are truly. The essence of true gratitude 🙏. The spirit of compassion. The satisfaction of sharing and giving. Each brought home more in this beautiful month. 

What always leave me a little saddened are the orphans, the children from the war torn regions. The ones who are still fasting and not sure of their next meal. Yet their faith in the almighty, so resolute and unshakable. 

O’ Almighty. Today I just ask you to take care of all those little ones around the world, who have lost their parents to war or covid. The ones who are heart broken, laden in despair, adorned in sorrow. 

Spread your light of cheer. Place smiles instead of tears. Make each heart illuminated.

Wishing Ramadan Kareem to all!

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