Saturday, April 30, 2022

Perfection Manual

 Time and again, I have seen people repeatedly criticising the other. Thinking its the best way to make the other improve. Do you really think the other improves?

What does criticism do? Criticism at any point does not work. It makes a person more defensive. You definitely are not helping. You are making matters worse.

I always like to ask the ones who enjoy criticising. Have you been given a Perfectionist certification. Are you qualified to do that. You come from your experiences and conditioning, how do you know they have been good. 

Every human is born differently. What works for one might not work for another. You have come from a different perspective, from a different school of thought. Every human makes a mistake . That’s what makes them humans. If we all had to be similar, why would not the creator do that for us? Why would he give us the trouble to do that? It definitely means, he wants us to be different, unique. 

If a person makes a mistake, that is also his freedom to do so. Its very easy to judge and criticise. Get into that person’s shoes for few minutes and think from where he or she is coming from. What has shaped him or her? 

When you hear criticism and judgment, what would be your reaction. The person staring out at you from the mirror, does he get that too.


You in turn see a lot of criticism there. You start criticising, thinking of all that is not there. Do not give yourself that, it deserves much more. You are born to make a difference. There’s a purpose to life! 

You are not here just to please others all the time. You have come for something much higher that just existing. 

Do not let others thoughts rub onto you. 

Like I always say” The ones who love you unconditionally will still do, the ones who love you after you have been conditioned by them, do they really live you”?

Think about it!

Let not anyone’s opinion mar your existence. Live the way you want. Do your best, leave the rest to the universe.

It’s non judgmental! 

Have a lovely Sunday ahead! 

Stay blessed!

Stay safe!

Keep smiling 😊

Don’t forget to love the one staring out from the mirror.

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