Wednesday, April 27, 2022


 Daria  had returned after 30 years to the place where she had opened her eyes for the first time. A brand new visitor to the world. To think of it! So true! We are all visitors. As she stepped out of the plane. The rush of memories left her weak hearted. She could feel the sheen of tears behind her eyes. Thankfully her oversized sun glasses were shielding it from the prying eyes all around her. 

This was the place she had found comfort. Grown up as a happy child. Child indeed she was, when her father was snatched away cruelly forever by the clutches of destiny. She still remembered her lost childhood. The worst was when after 4 years they left the comfort of this place too. She still remembered at the airport how longingly she had turned back for the last time. Hoping against hope that she would be stopped from going away forever. This was the place which had held her cherished memories. Her childhood spent in the tender, loving arms of her father.

The upheavals of life had taken her through various twists and turns. Today after 30 years, she came back to the comfort of it again. The reunion of her school brought her back. Her childhood friends missed her. She missed the scent of this place. The dust which settled on her being lovingly. How alive she felt once again!

She was so glad to have made this decision. This time round, she would do it all for herself.
Smiling she walked out after an hour from the airport. She heard joys of scream . She instantly knew. Her friends Sarah and Hiba were waiting for her. Suddenly all these years slipped away. The familiarity greeted her as she drove through the streets of Kuwait.

How happy she was to be back here again. Her favourite food joint at Salmiya was still standing tall and strong. It had aged a little though, just like her. How many times she had thought of these beautiful by lanes. So many memories attached to each. As they stopped to have Iced Tea,  She was greeted lovingly “Sabaah Al khayr “
How she had missed this. Instantly she found herself answering back with a beaming smile.
She did feel at home. She told herself “ Habibti this is where you belong”.

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