Thursday, April 14, 2022

List of Simple Joys in Life

 The first thing we need to do is get out of the comparison trap. It’s definitely a killer. It just makes you more dissatisfied and leaves you feeling more dejected.

When you make your own special list, it helps you in changing the perspective. Earlier where you were leaving gratitude, now you would be grateful more than ever.

In the journey of life, its very difficult to remember each and every thing. Unfortunately in the nitty gritty of  life only what lacks stares out at you balefully. 

Maintains gratitude journal. Start penning your list. See how it changes your perspective. It will mostly leave you with a smile at the end of it. 

How to notice the simple joys in life. You need to catch your breath. Take a moment or two. Slow down. Introspect. Take out sometime to reflect. When you wake up or when you are just closing for the day. My favourite moment is usually early morning, right after dawn. When the world is still slumberous. I enjoy the quiet and the solitude. Usually I’m amidst nature. Either sitting and gazing or walking in their midst. It’s a great time to think. I get a lot of my answers then.

This practice helps you to change your negative outlook to a positive one.

Let’s start with the list. You could probably come up with one of yours.

1)Listening to rain hit the roof.

2) The first spell of rain after a scorching summer.

3) Going for a late night drive when it’s drizzling and stopping for ice-cream

4) An expected act of kindness.

5) Receiving a loving text, when you least expect it.

6) A surprise planned by your friends.

7) Looking at a breathtaking Sunset.

8) Receiving a compliment.

9) The sound of birds chirping.

10) The smell of Roses.

11) A perfect cold Coffee.

12) Going and having your favourite dessert on an impulse.

13) Going on a long drive with your favourite music playing.

14) Reading a new book.

15) Laughing hard with your friends.

16) A day at the spa.

17) Reading your favourite book.

18) Finding the exact item your were looking for on sale.

19) A song or fragrance that brings back old memories.

20) A nature walk

21) The smell of freshly baked muffins.

22) Friends who become family.

23) Practicing yoga 🧘‍♀️.

24) Meeting someone who immediately gets you.

25) Running into an old friend after decades.

26) Reunions.

27) Planning a vacation.

28) Trying a new recipe which turns out great.

29) A fire in the fireplace.

30) A good night of sleep.

31) The smell of your favourite candle.

32) Relaxing at the beach with those you love most.

33) Playing with the children in the rain.

34) Doing something thoughtful for someone.

35) Singing along to your favourite song.

36) Carrying on your favourite childhood traditions with your cousins.

37) Late nights with your cousins, creating a riot.

38) Singing along to your favourite song in the shower.

39) Your favourite soft cozy blanket.

40) The sound of waves at night.

41) A great mug of coffee.

42) A new notebook.

43) Trying out a new fun restaurant.

44)  Trying out a new recipe.

45) Accomplishing a goal.

46) Enrolling for a short fun workshop.

47) Reading a quote that resonates with you.

48) Doing a beauty regime at home.

49) Buying your favourite shade of lipstick.

50) Decorating your table with your favourite table linen and a vase of fresh flowers.

51) Unexpectedly receiving a bouquet.

52) Having dinner on a roof top restaurant under the canopy of stars.

So much to be grateful for in the long run. 

Every little thing is a blessing 😊

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