Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Drop It

 It’s High Time! Yes! It’s now or never.

Drop it altogether!

You might be wondering about my opening lines. It is something to ponder about. 

15 things women should stop wearing after 30.

1) The look of sadness.

2) The frown which ages you.

3) The rivulets of tears.

4) Feeling of being undermined.

5) The tag of comparison.

6) The template of “you are not worthy”

7) The neck piece of “ Low self esteem”

8) The baggy apparel of low self appreciation.

9) The flat footwear of no drive to move forward.

10) The make up of “ Age”

11) Dress of the old.

12) The Badge of “ I am not good enough”

13) The weight of other people’s expectations and judgements.

14) The handbag of disdain brought about by others.

15) The cuff of misery adorning  your clenched palms.

Reveal your true being. Bring it out from where you have left her buried beneath the conditioning. Let her breathe freely. Rejoice in her truest hue. 

One thing which I have learnt and believe in. Which I would like to share it today . Something which keeps me going. A sort of mantra. 

“ The ones who love you will love you till the last breath, will accept you, just as you are”

Whereas the ones who could not love you will never be able to . Even if you become the best version of yourself. 

Mind you. You are the best !

You are unique!

You are one in a million.

You are the gift of God.

For some you will be “ Once in a lifetime”

For others “ You will never be enough in this lifetime”

Have a blessed day lovelies!

Wear your smile and your positive attitude, at all times.

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  1. Very very thaught provoking poem .. Keep it coming ..enjoyed reading every bit of it


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