Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Described Differently

 I was asked to describe love without using the word. This was my take on it.

The power of being attuned to the soul calling in other. Starting your day in meditative silence thinking of your soul mate. No matter where they are, feeling them the closest. Your unspoken answered in their spoken. You feel it, they sense it. You cry, they weep too in answer to your sorrow. Your being radiates joy just being close to them. You long and yearn only for them. Every desire of your heart is answered in “Earnest” by them. The true undulating joy seen in their eyes when they see you after a long time. Time stands still. You want to be lost in that moment, captive forever. Forever feels shorter. Eternal is what they try understanding. Lost in the world made just by them. The heartbeats in sync with each other. The calling of their joining understood by none. They sync in tandem to only their heartfelt tune of their souls. How beautifully they live it! How artistically they weave it into their fabric of their existence! The power of untold, unspoken understood rightly by their hearts, souls and spirit! Rest is still a mystery. Alluring and Enticing for Mankind.

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